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3 Dog Park Rules Every Dog Parent Should Know

Dog parks are supposed to be spaces filled with loads of fun for those looking to socialize their dogs. There’s freedom to run around without a leash, wrestle and race with other dogs while benefiting from the physical and mental stimulation offered by various opportunities within the dog parks. But with dogs of various personalities and breeds running around playing while making new friends, it’s important to adhere to certain rules to ensure safety at all times. Even if there are no officially posted regulations, as a responsible pawrent, you should follow these basic dog park rules to ensure all puppers and dog lovers have a good time.

Rule #1- Always Pick Up After Your Doggo

Scooping the poop is one dog park rule that’s often ignored by pawrents who bring their doggos to the park to socialize them with other pups. Whether they’re not paying enough attention to realize their doggo stopped to squat or they’re just feeling a little lazy, too many dog parents leave the mess behind to get stuck onto another pupper’s paw or fur, and even someone’s shoe. Leaving poop behind isn’t only gross, it’s also very dangerous, as it can contain parasites or bacteria that can easily affect other doggos and make them sick. Don’t leave the mess behind to make the whole dog park stink; instead, pick it up. It’ll only take a few seconds.

Rule #2- Always Leave All Toys at Home

While bringing toys from home is allowed in many dog parks, you should probably think twice before bringing your pupper’s favorite ball to the dog park, especially if they’re particularly attached to this toy. Your doggo might not appreciate another pupper joining in on the fun. There’s also plenty of room for another doggo to come in and steal the toy, which can turn a seemingly fun situation into a dangerous one if one or both doggos get possessive. So, it’s best to leave the toys at home and let the doggos play with other furry friends visiting the park.

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Rule #3- Always Pay Attention

One of the worst things dog parents can do at dog parks is ignoring their doggo, even if it’s just for a few moments when they’re interacting with another pawrent or petting another doggo. If you plan to sit down on a bench with your eyes glued to a book or your phone, you’re inviting trouble. As a responsible dog lover, it’s your job to actively supervise their behavior to ensure the safety of both your doggo and others around them. It’s okay to chat with other pawrents, but make sure that your doggo takes priority at all times.

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Manners matter a lot, but it’s the doggos with little to no obedience skills that cause the most trouble at dog parks. They jump on other people, run away from their pawrents, greet other doggos inappropriately, and get over-excited or aggressive when it’s time to go home. The key to enjoying such places is ensuring your doggo knows basic obedience and that you can communicate with them whenever needed. If your doggo doesn’t respond when called or still hasn’t mastered their impulse control, maybe a dog park isn’t the best place for them.

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