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4 Apps That Made Adopting a Puppy Easier

Day by day, we are seeing the dog lovers’ community grow bigger and bigger. According to the latest reports by the American Pet Products Association, 63.4 million households in the US own dogs. This clearly shows how popular dogs are as pets.

However, a major cause for concern in this area is how many dogs are still left unloved in animal shelters. Adopting pets is certainly a wise decision to make. Not only is it less expensive than buying dogs, but you help provide the dog with a loving home.

It’s estimated that approximately 3.1 million dogs enter an animal shelter each year in the US. Imagine the good you will be doing if you play a part in bringing that number down.

Why Adopt Rather Than Buy?

Do you ever wonder what happens with dogs left in shelter homes for too long and don’t find the right families to adopt them? They are euthanized or “put to sleep”.

This is certainly an emotionally and mentally triggering situation that all dog lovers will certainly be unable to cope with.

Another reason why adopting might be a better choice is you can choose a dog of any age. This can help you save a lot of effort in training a young pup and the challenges that come with it.

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List of Apps Making Puppy Adoption Easy

1. Petfinder

This app allows you to browse through various dogs of different ages, breeds, and sizes. The interface of this app is also quite user-friendly, as it allows you to save your favorite dogs to view later. The best part? It’s free!

2. WeRescue

This app also allows you to add your preferences and filters to help you find the right animal to adopt. It connects the dog community within the US and Canada.

3. AllPaws

More than 200,000 cats and dogs are listed here, and the app has gained quite good coverage from reliable media outlets.

4. BarkBuddy

BarkBuddy collects some basic information about you through its small survey and uses its in-app algorithm to match you with dogs you may like. The results, which are then shown, are all dogs in shelter homes near your location.

If you finally adopt a dog, the next step would be to join a dog community to learn all about how to take care of a dog. With theDogHood, you’ll have the perfect dog community platform. Download our app today by using the QR code below!

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