Dog kissing a woman

4 Reasons Your Dog Is Drooling: When it’s Time To Worry

Dog kissing a woman

Don’t you just love slobbery kisses from your canine companion? Many breeds, such as English Mastiffs Newfoundlands, English Bulldogs, Saint Bernards, Mastiffs, and others, have big jowls, leading to lots of drooling. Sometimes dogs drool because of harmless reasons, while at other times it can indicate something worth worrying about.

However, if your pup has suddenly started drooling more than usual, you should consider scheduling a visit to the veterinarian to investigate what might be causing the unusual behavior. Meanwhile, if you’re waiting for your turn while trying to figure out why your doggo might be drooling more than usual, here are some reasons to consider.

#1- Excitement and Hunger

Excitement and hunger make certain breeds more prone to drooling than other due to their lip formation. When their lips cannot hold the excessive saliva inside their mouth, it can lead to increased drooling without any other alarming hidden cause.

#2- Dental Issues

Excessive tartar buildup or inflamed gums (gingivitis) caused by too many sugary treats, wet food, lack of dental hygiene, or genetic predisposition can also lead to drooling. Sometimes excited young pups can get their teeth broken, and the trauma can cause tooth infection or abscess around the roots, causing pain or swelling. If your doggo’s drool is mixed with brown discharge, blood, or just smells bad, it may be because of an underlying dental issue.

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#3- Heat Stroke

Most dog breeds are particularly prone to getting heat strokes, especially those with flat faces or thicker coats. They often pant or drool excessively to cool off when it gets too hot. If your dog is panting or drooling in the summers, it may be due to heatstroke.

#4- Rabies

Rabies, a fatal virus that can be transmitted via bites, is another reason why some dogs excessively drool. If your doggo has suddenly become more aggressive or is having difficulty swallowing, check if they are vaccinated properly with a rabies injection. If not, get in touch with a vet immediately!

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