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‘4’ Sparkling Ways To Ring In The New Year With Your Dog

We have never waited for a new year to start as badly as 2022. It’s safe to say that we’re all excited to put this year behind us and get a fresh start. But, similar to last year, most of us will all be welcoming 2022 while staying at home.

As sad as that might be, what better way to start the new year than having your furry best friend at your side? Here are some tips that’ll help you celebrate the new year with your dog while being safe:

Keep It Quiet

New Year’s Eve is synonymous with fireworks. But loud fireworks can scare your furry friends, and their little hearts don’t like this noise.

Therefore, this year find ways to keep the noise down or at least eliminate the sound from entering your home as much as you can. You can consider keeping the TV or the radio on to kill the noise of fireworks in the background. And if your dog is too sensitive to loud noises, get in touch with your vet to keep your doggo’s anxiety at bay.

Dog-Friendly Treats

Ready to enjoy New Year’s Eve with a new bottle of wine and delectable treats? That’s good, but don’t leave your doggo out. They love seeing you happy, so why not make them happy too!

Surprise your doggo with some delicious dog-friendly treats and mocktails that make them a part of your celebration too. There are many recipes and dog-friendly ingredients available online that will allow you to make tasty doggy desserts and main course meals.

New Year’s Resolution For You and Your Dog

Every year we all make new year resolutions, with some that we have been carrying forward for the past few years now. But this year, make one resolution that your doggo can make together.

How about signing up for a new dog sport? Or how about taking your dog out for doggo-meetups every two weeks? Treat them with a doggy-friendly cupcake.

Don’t Forget The Midnight Smooch

Your dog’s entire world revolves around you. When you kiss your partner and kids this New Year, don’t forget to plant a smooch upon your pup too.

Puppy celebrating by eating a cupcake

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