Dog feeling lethargic

5 Common Dog Health Problems You Need to Look Out For

Dog feeling lethargic

When you finally adopt an adorable pup, the last thing you might want to think about is the several health problems your doggo might face in its lifetime. But part of being a responsible pawrent is learning about the common symptoms that indicate that the doggo might be sick and ensuring access to a reliable veterinarian. Let’s read up on some of the most common health concerns and symptoms to watch out for, ensuring you raise a healthy and happy pet.

#1 Arthritis

Canines can suffer from inflammation of the joints, especially senior doggos. Canine arthritis can cause stiffness and pain, leading to reduced ability to engage in physical exercise. Experts suggest treating canine arthritis with proper medication, homeopathic remedies, and physical therapy, and have also found Glucosamine to be incredibly effective in alleviating some symptoms.

#2 Obesity

More than 58% of doggos are obese or overweight, as per recent statistics. It’s an alarming revelation because obesity can increase dogs’ potential risk of arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases. Dog parents should provide their puppers with a healthy diet and regular exercise to keep them in shape.

#3 Dental Diseases

Although dental diseases in pups vary, data reveals that a dirty mouth can lead to nearly 79% of dogs suffering from some dental disease before they turn two. If prompt action isn’t taken, a simple periodontal disease can quickly escalate into rotted bacteria that may require surgical intervention to prevent the spread of infection to the skull or jaw.

White dog with skin allergies


#4 Allergies

Skin allergies are more common in dogs than food allergies. They can reveal themselves as scaly, red, and itchy skin caused by atopic dermatitis. It’s quite common for dogs to suffer from allergies during summers or spring when an abundance of allergens causes seasonal flare-ups. While allergies can’t be cured, they can be easily manageable with proper medication and a prescriptive diet.

#5 Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

While dealing with a dog who repeatedly pees in the house might be extremely frustrating, don’t chalk it up as a lack of training or behavioral issues before consulting a veterinarian. The inappropriate and frequent urination, lethargy, bloody urine, and increased thirst may be due to an underlying UTI, diabetes, or kidney disease.

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