Four pet dogs

5 Solutions to Common Dog Parent Problems

Four pet dogs

Many certified dog behaviorists reveal that when people become dog parents for the first time, they often misunderstand particular doggo behaviors. If you’ve taken the ‘what dog should I get quiz’ and decided which dog breed may suit your lifestyle, you’re pretty much ready to start your amazing journey with dogs, right? Wrong!

Every person considering getting a canine companion should first educate themselves by reading puppy training guides and watching several basic dog training videos. This is because you must understand several dog behavior issues before getting one so that if it ever comes down to it, you can prevent or control the problem efficiently. Let’s learn some common problems many pet parents face to understand what you should do if you encounter them.

#1- Your Doggo Tosses Food on the Floor

While sometimes dogs exhibit such behaviors to show they don’t like a particular food item, most doggos behave this way to imply that they don’t like their bowl. If you use a plastic bowl to feed them, well, this time, your doggo is right! When pet parents use plastic bowls, it harbors bacteria and also leaves an unpleasant taste to water and food.

Solution: Consider upgrading to a deep and safer China or stainless steel bowl. You should also try giving them food after playtime so that they don’t play with their food for amusement.

#2- Your Pupper Loves To Dig

Dog behavior specialists believe that particular dog breeds are more prone to digging because of their instincts and hunting histories. However, fear, anxiety, boredom, nesting, and other comfort-seeking instincts can also be causing such behavior. Some doggos also dig to mark their territories or hide toys, bones, and other possessions.

Solution: Try digging deeper to determine the cause of this undesirable behavior so that you can effectively eliminate the source. Spend some quality time with your doggo, try to exert their excess energy with exercises, and consider puppy training and socialization techniques to keep them busy.

Many professional dog trainers also suggest setting a sandbox or particular area aside for the puppers after training them so that the designated area is good enough for them to dig.

Dogs eating scrap food of owner

#3- Your Dog Has Learnt To Beg

This one might be your fault, though. Many pet parents don’t realize they’re teaching their doggo the bad habit of begging by encouraging it. All doggos love food, but as their parent, you need to help them learn that table scraps are not treats.

Yes, we know it’s hard to resist that puppy-dog face that is longing for leftovers but giving in ‘just one time’ may create a serious problem in the long run. It teaches your doggo that the begging behavior is acceptable, which is surely not the message you want them to receive.

Solution: Dog behavioral trainers suggest commanding your pup to go to their designated place, preferably where they can’t stare at you while you eat. Once you’re done eating, give them their favorite treat to reinforce positive behavior.

#4- Your Doggo Is Super Jumpy

All puppers love to jump up to greet their parents and visitors they like. It’s their way of showing their excitement, but some dogs get jumpy when seeking an item or attention. Jumping puppers may be annoying, but they can also sometimes be dangerous.

Solution: You can try grabbing their paws, lifting your knee, pushing the pupper away, or simply ignoring them and walking away to discourage the behavior. Don’t acknowledge them or make eye contact until they calm down. Then reward them with a treat to give them the message that the behavior will get them an instant reward.

Dog chasing a ball

#5 Your Pooch Loves To Chase

Doggos, in general, love to chase things, people, cars, and even other animals. Most experts believe the behavior is due to their natural, predatory instinct. However, it can lead to several devastating and dangerous outcomes.

Solution: You should train your doggo to obey your command or respond to a noisemaker or whistle so that you can instantly divert its attention if and when need be. It’s also advised that you keep them on a leash at all times while watching out for potential triggers, such as joggers.

Most common doggo parent problems can be solved with dedicated puppy and dog training to teach your puppers acceptable behaviors. Whether you’re a newbie pet parent or a seasoned one, you should consider joining theDogHood platform. It’s an online community for dog lovers where you can access free dog training videos and advice from our certified dog behaviorists.

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