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5 Touching Pet Memorial Ideas To Honor Your Furry Friend

Losing a pet is as painful as losing a close loved one. Grieving is natural; it’s a way to accept the bitter reality while saying goodbye to someone who has been there by your side through thick and thin, whether four-legged or two-legged.

Whether it was a prolonged illness or sudden death, we all need closure. Many people hold a funeral service to honor their furry pals while streamlining healing during the mourning phase. From holding on to their dog’s favorite collar or toy to getting their doggo’s blankets sewn together to form a big blanket that can be kept on the couch, there are several kinds of keepsakes people make to remember their pets after their death.

If you’ve recently lost a pet doggo, theDogHood community wants you to know we are here to support you while you get through the devastating loss. Moreover, we have compiled a list of unique ways to help you navigate grief and commemorate your pupper’s life and time with you.

#1- Memorial Service To Honor Your Pup

Pet funerals are incredibly helpful; they help celebrate the pupper’s life while encouraging the pawrent to accept the reality. Even if you don’t want to bury the dog at a pet cemetery, you can still plan a personalized memorial service at home, a dog park, or another location that your dog loved.

You can play a slideshow or video showcasing your doggo’s best moment or share anecdotes with the visitors. By downloading theDogHood app, you can create an event for your dog’s funeral and invite fellow parents in your neighborhood to the vigil. You can find local DogHood hubs or serve your pet’s favorite treats or food to the doggos that attend the funeral with their pet parents. You can also ask for donations to a particular animal shelter to honor the canine companion in a unique way.

#2- Memorial Jewelry

From cremation jewelry that’s made from your pup’s ashes to personalized bracelets, rings, necklaces, and other accessories with your doggos pictures, name, and paw prints, there’s a wide array of options to choose from when it comes to pet memorial jewelry that allows you to keep your doggo’s memory close to you at all times.

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#3- Tags

Did your pup wear his dog tags faithfully around the collar for all those years? Why not turn them into personalized key chains? It’s very easy to find key chains that you can hook the tags on to; they’re not only the perfect size, they’re also easy to carry and might also have your pup’s name engraved on them.

#4- Wind Chimes

If your doggo adored spending time playing on the patio or in the backyard, creating an outdoor memorial for them would be suitable. You can get resin or glass stones with your pupper’s name, image, or ashes and place it in the garden. Custom-made wind chimes are nice too—every time the wind blows through them, the sound will make you think of your furry friend.

#5- Tree

Many people pay tribute to their deceased loved ones by planting a bush, tree, or flowers in their memory. You can plant seeds in a pot or your garden, or you can donate the money to a dedicated dog park working towards the betterment of dogs across the neighborhood. Whenever you come across it, the whiff of fragrance or its shade will remind you how the doggo impacted your life. You can also get a kit that uses the dog’s ashes to grow trees from seeds. The options are limitless!

What are you waiting for? Join theDogHood community now! Besides gaining access to an amazing support system from the dog lovers’ community, you can also offer suggestions to fellow pet parents struggling to raise puppers responsibly. Who knows, maybe your inspiring struggle with your dog’s illness will save another doggo’s life?


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  1. My dog recently passed away, and I was thinking of getting him cremated. It was interesting when you mentioned how you can make cremation jewelry out of your dog’s ashes if you wish to keep his memory close. I’ll have to hire a private pet cremation as soon as possible.

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