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5 Ways To Include Your Dogs in The Holiday Fun

The holiday season comes with a lot of excitement and fun plans. The yummy homemade lunch and abundance of sweets, the gift shopping, and tree decorating. All of it makes the holiday season memorable.

To make sure your furry friend is a part of all such memories, you can include your dog in the following fun activities.

Buying Christmas Tree

While you go out to pick the best Christmas tree for your home, bring your dogs along so they can also enjoy the lighting and decorations outside.

Besides that, buying a Christmas tree itself is a fun activity that can become even better if your dog can help you finalize the decision.

Bake Dog Treats

You can find many easy recipes on our blog that can make up for quick and fun dog treats. Engage your dogs while making these treats, so they feel special knowing that you’re cooking it just for them.

You can even make extra treats for your dog to share with his other paw-ls.

Watch Movies

What’s cozier than snuggling your dog and binge-watching holiday movies together? You can especially put on movies that are pet-friendly, so your dog enjoys it as much as you do.

A boy dressing up the dog with the Santa Claus hat

Dress Up Your Dog

Christmas is all about a quick wardrobe change to bright colors and Christmas sweaters. To make sure your dog doesn’t feel left out, dress him up in one of the cute sweaters that fit his size or make him wear the Santa Claus hat.

Family Photo

Taking a picture with your dog should be a Christmas ritual. It might be challenging to make your dog pose for the pictures, but you’re going to love the results.

The whole picture-taking activity becomes fun with the presence of a dog, and the Christmas card looks complete.

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