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5 Ways To Protect Your Dog’s Paws All Year Round

Paw care goes much farther than just trimming your dog’s nails. Even the minutest issues with your dog’s paw can cause irritation and discomfort. Many of these problems are not easy to identify and require the help of a certified dog behaviorist. To keep your dog’s paws healthy, there are certain measures you should take in advance. Here are some suggestions from the best dog trainers at The Dog Hood.

1. Keep Paws Clean in the Winter

If your dog loves to play in the snow, make sure you wipe their paws down after they come back in. Don’t let debris, salt, or ice build up on their paws, as it may harm their health.

2. Be Careful on Icy Surfaces

If your dog is playful outdoors, you should pay attention when letting them out. A sharp ice patch could cause an injury. Put on a pair of dog shoes on their paws to shield them from sharp icy edges.

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3. Limit the Playtime

If your city is experiencing harsh winter, you shouldn’t let your dog stay out for too long. Prolonged exposure to ice may hurt their paws and make them sick.

4. Avoid Hot Surfaces

Dogs love to play outside in the summer and go to the dog park. But in the especially hot season, you need to avoid walking your dog on asphalt. It can heat up under the sun very quickly and damage your dog’s paw. Make a habit of putting shoes on their paws so that they can play freely on any surface. You may want to avoid long walks if the weather is too hot, so your doggy doesn’t get dehydrated.

5. Check Their Behavior

A dog will display signs of discomfort if its paws get hurt. Look out for these signs when you are walking your dog barefoot. Inspect the grass in every new doggy playground and clear away any sharp objects that could hurt your dog’s paws.

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