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‘6’ New Year’ Resolutions for Your Dog

New Year is almost here, and we couldn’t be more excited! What better way to include your dog in new year’s than make new year’s resolutions with them?

Here are some new year’s resolutions you can make with your little buddy.

1- Eat Healthier

Your body deserves to eat better food, and so do your dog’s. Fortunately, health considerations that apply to you also apply to your baby boy. Make a resolution to eat more fiber-rich and less deep-fried and fat-containing food. Eating healthy will allow you and your dog to live longer and stay more active and joyous throughout your life.

2- Resolve to Walk at Least 4 Times a Week

Exercise is as essential to your dog’s physical and mental health as it is to yours. Resolve to walk them at least 4 times a week. This will also allow you to get more exercise. Lucky you, you have your buddy to keep you company while you walk. You’re the one who should be grateful to your dog.

3- Daily One-On-One Time

Your baby needs your emotional comfort just as much as you need theirs. While you can socialize with others and get your emotional needs met elsewhere, your dog needs you consistently every day. Resolve to spend time with your baby boy and keep them a happy dog.

4- Get Them a New Toy

Dogs can connect to toys and dolls just as intimately as children can to dolls. Get your dog new, nay, lots of new toys to keep them company when you’re not there. Resolve to keep buying your baby boy new toys throughout the year.

5- Resolve to Join a Class

One of the fun ways you can consistently spend time with your dog is to join a class with them. There are lots of different classes available such as swimming and Frisbee. You can also join a non-profit organization with your dog, such as a search and rescue organization.

6- Resolve to Start a Savings Account

One of the most responsible ways you can ensure your dog’s well being and yourself is by starting a savings account for the two of you in case of emergencies.

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