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‘6’ Safety Tips For Your Puppy’s First Christmas

Dogs are a human’s best friend due to their intuitive and loyal nature. When you’re happy, they’re happy, and when you’re sad, they’re gloomy too. It’s no wonder why dogs are considered the best pets in the US. However, dogs are also the most curious little creatures who can get themselves into unfavorable situations around the holidays, especially at Christmas.

To help you keep your puppies safe this year, here are some tips you should keep in mind:

1. Keep the Candy Away

With the Holiday season around, there’ll be lots of candies lying around your home to keep children occupied. While kids love candies, it can be quite a toxic food for your puppies as it can cause liver failures.

Make sure you’re keeping your candies out of your puppy’s reach.

2. Christmas Tree and Its Decorations

Since every home will have a Christmas tree, make sure it’s in a corner and protected from your puppies so they don’t end up jumping on it. Moreover, if you choose to add tinsel to your tree, ensure it’s quite high and can’t be reached by your dog, as consuming these decorations can block their intestines.

Lastly, don’t put the lights on the lower branches as your puppy can get tangled in them and even suffer from burns. Plus, what if they bite into it? Keep them to the top tree branches to keep your doggo safe.

3. Holly and Mistletoe

For sure, mistletoe helps us spread love and kisses, but holly and mistletoe are very poisonous for puppies. It can cause immense tummy ache, diarrhea, and extreme drooling too. Don’t let your little one feel dreadful during the Holiday season by keeping these out of their reach.

4. Burning Candles

We all love burning some cinnamon and sweet-scented candles on Christmas to set the right mood for the season. But when you do so, keep them on a higher shelf or a mantel so that they’re out of your pet’s way. A little tail wagging here or some curiosity, and it could cause havoc.

5. Edible Tree Décor

From popcorn strings to ornaments, none of these are at all healthy for your puppies. These are little safety time bombs, just ticking to blow. But your puppy doesn’t know that, which means they’ll be enticed to tug at it. Keep your doggies safe by keeping these choking hazards out of their reach.

6. Better To Be Prepared

Even if you’re utmost careful, you never know when an emergency may occur. That’s why it’s best to be prepared by identifying the closest emergency 24/7 veterinary clinic beforehand. Like we always say, better safe than sorry!

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