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7 Outdoor Activities to Enjoy With Your Dog

Have you ever walked into your house and noticed the excitement on your doggos’ faces? They’ll jump around in circles, wagging their tails, and cover you in wet slopping kisses. After all, you’ve been away from them for the whole day at work. Staying indoors for long periods can make your furry friends anxious and nervous. The minute you pull their leash or open the front doors, they’ll quickly jump outside to enjoy the outdoors. Along with regular walks around the neighborhood, dog parents need to include some sort of physical excise outdoors in their doggos daily routine.

Why is Physical Exercise Important for Dogs?

No matter how old your dog is, what breed or size, all dogs require regular exercise for a healthy life. Certified dog behavioral specialists belie that when a dog is tired, they tend to behave well, stay calm, focused and are extremely understanding. Exercise helps reduce common behavioral problems like excessive barking, chewing, and anxiety. It likewise builds a strong connection of trust and confidence between you and your dog. So regular exercise won’t just benefit them but can be super helpful for you as well.

Outdoor Activity Ideas for Your Fur Babies:

1. Go Hiking

If you’re planning a hike on the weekend with your gang, take your four-legged friend as well. This is a great dog-friendly activity that will help exercise their muscles and allow them to enjoy the stunning view. However, one important thing to consider is the size of your dog and its energy level. If you’re a lab owner or have a bigger dog with high energy levels, then they’ll surely enjoy a hike. When it comes to smaller breeds, they require less exercise, so be mindful when choosing a path. A flatter terrain or shouter route will work best.

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2. Play Fetch

This is one of the oldest and most loved games by all doggos, big and small. Simply throw a toy or frisbee (if you have a bigger dog) and ask them to fetch it and bring it back to you. This is a great exercise for them and helps strengthen the bond between you two. Another added benefit of playing fetch is that it trains your dog to return to you. This is a fun training activity that has proven successful for most dog owners. Your dog might take time to get used to the idea, but with continuous practice, they’ll become a fetching pro!

3. Take Them for a Jog

If you are someone whose day doesn’t start without a good morning job, you’ll be glad to know that your dog can be an excellent jogging partner (depending on his physical condition and ability). You’ll be motivated to go out every morning, and this will help reduce their anxiety of having to stay back alone at home. One important thing to note is that you should consult a vet before taking your dog running. They will help check whether your dog is suitable for rigorous excise or not. Avoid using a regular leash, as they’ll just be pulling you around. Waist-leashes work best as it gives you more control.

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 4. Go Swimming

It might be hard to believe, but most dogs are natural swimmers! After all, that’s from where the “doggy paddle” comes from. This is a low-impact exercise, so you don’t have to worry about stress or strain on their joints. Older dogs or those with arthritis can also enjoy a fun day at the pool. You don’t have to worry if the pool water is chlorinated, as dogs can swim in it just as you do! However, constant supervision is necessary. Pools are safe for your dogs and offer them the opportunity to swim and cool down on a hot sunny day. Avoid taking your doggo to the ocean as there are several jellyfish and other sea animals that can harm them.

5. Enjoy a Day at the Park

Who said park dates are only for couples? You can celebrate the special bond you have with your four-legged friend by planning a date at the park. Carry some treats, water, a toy and let them enjoy their time running around. Another great benefit of a park date is that this will help your dog socialize with other people and dogs.

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6. Plan A Road Trip

Outdoor activities with your dog don’t always have to be about running and jumping. You can take your fur baby out of a drive so they can enjoy the picture-perfect view. Avoid turning the cooling on, and instead, let them experience the wind brushing against their fur. Make sure your dog is secured well in the car seat, or ask someone else to join you on the trip. Don’t forget to click pictures and soak in these wonderful moments with your pooch.

A dog at the beach

7. Visit a Dog-Friendly Beach

If there’s a dog-friendly beach nearby, take your dog to enjoy a day in the sand. Make sure that your doggo wears a life-vest at all times to avoid any accidents. Carry some food, water, and an umbrella in case it gets too sunny. Spend the day chilling with your dog and telling them how much you enjoy their company!

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