A Complete Guide to Traveling with Your Dog

Traveling is an eye-opening adventure that provides the chance to explore new breathtaking places and experience diverse cultures. However, when you’re planning a trip, there are dozens of details that need to be handled. Add pets to the mix, and those details might begin to feel nothing less than overwhelming.

Whether you’re moving to a new place or traveling for pleasure, you shouldn’t have to leave your pets behind. Get started by making the right plans, and rest assured, you can save your pet and yourself from all the troubles and discomfort associated with traveling.

Here are some tips for planning the best trip of your life with your pet and ways to keep your pet and yourself comfortable and calm, regardless of how you travel and the distance to cover.

#1 Rehearse With Your Doggo

If your dog hasn’t been on a long journey with you before, train them to be ready by taking them on short drives and gradually increasing the time. If you’re planning to make them travel in a crate, put them in one every time; it’ll help expedite the crate training process. You should also consider walking them around the station or airline terminal to familiarize them with the sounds and smells.

#2 Health And Safety

Take your doggo to a veterinarian for a thorough checkup before the trip. Make sure all the vaccinations are up-to-date as per the destination; take shot records with you as most airlines require updated health certifications.

Discuss with the vet if they think the pupper is in proper physical and mental shape to travel, the foods you should carry with you, whether the doggo might need some medications, etc.

#3 Crate Comfort

While crates are an excellent way to keep the dog safe during car travels, they’re often necessary for airline travel. They also help keep the pet away from causing trouble at your host’s home or hotel. Here are some features to ensure the crate keeps your doggo comfortable during the journey.

  • The crate should be large enough to allow the doggo to turn, lie down, or stand
  • It should have proper ventilation on both sides with firm grips and handles
  • The bottom should be covered with an absorbent material to ensure the crate remains leakproof
  • The crate should be stocked with a comfortable bedding or mat, water bowl, and your pupper’s favorite toys
  • It should be closed securely but never locked so that it’s easy to open in emergencies or for feeding

#4 Identification

Mishaps can happen anytime, anywhere. Always make sure that your doggo has a sturdy collar and leash with an identification tag that states your name, your doggo’s name, and your contact information. Some people also choose to get permanent identifications for their dogs with microchips to increase the chances of recovery if the doggo gets away from them on the trip.

Doggos safely traveling in a car

Quick Tips For Making Traveling Comfortable


  • Get started by taking your doggo for brief trips to ensure they’re used to the vehicle
  • Always let them travel on an empty stomach to avoid carsickness, but make sure they’re adequately hydrated.
  • Carry collapsible bowls instead of bulky ones and bottled water to ensure their stomach doesn’t get upset during the trip.
  • Consider the car seat or seat belt for dogs to keep them safe and ensure the car is well-ventilated.
  • Stop for frequent potty and exercise breaks. You should try training the doggo to be comfortable to relieve itself on multiple surfaces and terrains to alleviate accidents or discomfort during the trip.
  • Never leave the dog unattended in a closed car, especially during summers, as it can lead to heat strokes.
  • Provide the doggo with their favorite toys and keep them busy with brain games and puzzle-type toys to ensure they remain occupied during the trip.
  • Each airline might vary in services and regulations regarding crate requirements, health, vaccination, rabies certification requirements, reservations for pets, number of pets permitted on each flight, and more.
  • Sometimes it’s necessary that the doggo is at least six weeks old and properly weaned. It’s always best to get all the information beforehand to avoid last minute changes.

Traveling with your doggo can be an incredibly memorable experience if you ensure that you’ve taken all the measures to make your doggo as comfortable as possible. It can help them enjoy the trip as much as you!

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