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A Guide to Finding the Perfect Pet Sitter



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Being a pet owner can be a challenge when you’re a working pet parent. It increases the need to depend on a professional pet sitter who can look after your pet without affecting their emotional and physical health.

However, finding the right pet sitter can be challenging when you don’t know whom to trust. Here are three ways you can find the perfect pet sitter for your fur baby.

Ask Friends & Family

Word of mouth plays a massive role in helping you find professionals who you can rely upon with your fur babies. Trust is a significant factor to consider when choosing a pet sitter. Therefore, an excellent way to reach out to trusted, reliable, and dedicated pet sitters is by inquiring about them or asking friends and family who have already hired such individuals before.

Your loved ones’ reviews and experience with their pet sitters will help you determine whether a pet sitter will fit you and your pet’s needs. Once you’ve shortlisted some pet sitters from your friends’ and family members’ recommendations, start calling each of them and schedule an appropriate time to meet them.

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Conduct Interviews

It’s critical to know your pet sitter before you appoint one. Therefore, you must conduct informal interviews with them to understand the way they treat animals, how they perform and prioritize their tasks, and the methods they can employ to improve your pets’ physical and emotional well-being.

Remember to verify the sitters’ identity and other critical information before moving towards other essential questions. It’s a critical safety factor you must consider, which will come in handy if you decide to appoint them as your pet sitter.

Compare Prices

All pet sitters’ prices vary based on different factors. Some demand higher prices because of the quality of care they provide and the amount of experience, training, and certification they have in pet care. On the other hand, some pet sitters are relatively affordable for cash-strapped pet owners.


However, you should not compromise your pet’s safety by choosing an inadequate pet sitter offering lower prices. The key is to compare prices and services and determine what works in your favor and what doesn’t.

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