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Best Tips on Caring For Dogs During Summer

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Whenever the summer season arrives, the bright sunshine makes us want to visit the beach with our furry friends to bond with them and enjoy lots of playtime outdoors. However, you should know that pets don’t usually sweat like humans, leading to higher risk of injuries, ear or skin infections, and heat stroke.

You may not know this, but summertime can be particularly difficult for your doggo. Although most dogs perspire through their nose and paws, it’s not enough, which is why they cool down by panting, but the process takes a lot longer than humans.

Regardless of your dog’s breed, it’s important to be extra cautious to keep them safe and healthy during the scorching season. Here are some tips to help doggo parents keep their paw-friends cool as a cucumber in summers.

#1- Keep Your Doggos Indoors During the Day

Ditch walks during the daytime; ensure that you take them on routine walks either post-sunset or during early morning hours in summers. Apart from falling ill from heat and exhaustion, their paws can also develop painful cracks from walking on hot concrete or asphalt.

Look at your puppers paws regularly to check for bruises, cuts, or discoloration. You can make them wear doggo boots or socks and apply paw cream regularly to prevent them from burning.

#2- DON’T Ever Leave Your Doggo In Your Car

Many doggo parents love to take their canine companions out for a long drive. Some leave them in the car to step out for a quick grocery buying chore or if they have to urgently visit someplace where pets aren’t allowed inside the premises.

The heat is too much for dogs to handle during the day, but if the car is left under direct sunlight, the temperature can soar quickly, leading to your doggo becoming severely ill. Even if you do take your doggo out for a ride, carry water and their drinking bowl with you so that they can stay hydrated.

Dog left alone in a car

#3- Take Them for A Grooming And Spa Date

Some people think they shouldn’t trim their doggos coats during summers because they’re protective layers to guard them against heat and sunburns. While it’s not a good idea to shave their coats, thick-coated dog breeds such as huskies, Akitas, Mastiffs, and more need their fur trimmed so that their skin can breathe during the hot season.

Even though it’s not advisable to bathe your doggo multiple times during a week, the truth is that regular trimming and sponge bathing is essential. It doesn’t dry off the natural oils in their furs and keeps them hygienic. Also, don’t forget to brush their fur regularly to avoid matting. It also promotes better blood circulation and temperature regulation, plus when fur sheds, most doggos feel more active, light, and happier!

#4- Keep Them Away From Bugs and Parasite – But Safely

Ticks, lice, mosquitoes, fleas, and other parasites can be most active during the summers, so always keep anti-tick sprays to get rid of bugs before they become a scratching nightmare for your furry friends. Some people keep bugs away and keep their landscaping looking on point using pesticides and fertilizers; however, they can be extremely dangerous for your doggos.

Dog enjoying boating in a safety vest

#5- Take Your Doggo For A Swim

If they’re exposed and comfortable with swimming, take them for a fun splashing session in a doggie-friendly pool. Most doggos love dipping in pools and playing fetch in the water to cool off. But be sure that your dog has been trained to swim well and get out of the pool if something goes wrong. Invest in a bright-colored life vest to ensure your pupper stays afloat and visible in case of an accident.

#6- Choose Appropriate Summer-Friendly Accessories For Your Doggo

Professional dog trainers advise not to clothe your puppers in summers in doggie hoodies or tees. It might seem adorable, but their coats should be left alone so that they can breathe freely whenever they step out with you. If your doggo has been trained, take off their harness and collar to let them free for a few hours.

Dog licking ice cream

#7- Freeze Your Doggo’s Favorite Treats

While it’s advisable to keep your puppers away from ice creams, you can use dog-friendly fruits and veggies as well as meat broth to make pupsicles that can help them beat the heat. You can also fill their favorite chew toy to give them a chilly snack. Since most doggos love peanut butter, you can also give frozen peanut butter as a treat to them to reinforce positive behavior.

#8- Keep Your Home Cool

If your doggo is home alone, ensure that your home’s temperature is regulated while you’re gone. Close the drapes and leave the air conditioner or fans on. Experts suggest investing in cooling mats and vests for your doggos to ensure they stay cool and healthy during summers.

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