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13th May, 2021 

First official theDogHood event! Danielle, theDogHood Dog guru was in CA this week. Beautiful weather, happy puppies and a heart warming dog loving community of theDogHood ! She did fb live on dog socialization, answered questions & met dog parents who wanted simple, practical advice. At theDogHood our vision is to hold your hand right when you get a puppy! You are not alone! Join our positive, inclusive , loving community of dog lovers at theDogHood  

April 15th, 2021

Thank you Sunil Adam & Americankahani for giving us such a wonderful platform to narrate our story of the inception of theDogHood and share what our future plans are !! We are very excited about this venture & hopefully we can help a lot of people and make their relationships with their pups better. 

Read more https://americankahani.com/lifestyle/puppy-love-the-importance-of-socializing-our-dogs-at-an-early-stage/?fbclid=IwAR0iUQSRYrT-MEGrjgFxNuR5sDWcOvun7acpAG9F6C9OlTGErGEYPQ3zQcc

Approximately 12.6 million households in America took in pets between March and December 2020, according to the American Pet Products Association. Our pups gave us joy and comfort during those trying times but slowly as the situation is improving and more people are getting vaccinated, many people are returning to the office after months of working from home. Covid puppies have always seen everyone at home from the beginning and even the older dogs got so used to seeing their hoomans at home that they have all become velcro dogs. 

theDogHood recommends that owners should start preparing from now to reduce the stress of separation anxiety in their pups. Here are some Smart Tips to help you tide this stress wave.