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Pets Help People and Cities Thrive

By theDogHood

Pet owners report stronger neighborhood social connections than non-pet owners according to a newly published study. They were consistently more likely to report social benefits such as helpfulness, friendliness and trust between neighbors. This research adds strength to claims that pet ownership is a valuable and positive feature in community and neighborhood life. Simply walking down the street with a dog can lead to significantly more social interactions than walking without a dog.


For travelers with pets, there is a significant additional cost, and no small amount of anxiety, associated with taking a vacation away from home. While many dog kennels have improved their facilities and services, they are still associated with sad pets locked in small spaces pining away for their master’s return.


This is where theDogHood App becomes the biggest resource for any dog parent. theDogHood is a social dog app for iOS devices that allows you to make doggy connections within your neighborhood and covers every aspect of a dog’s life to take better care of your dog. Using this free social app for dog owners, you can connect with other dog lovers in your city & beyond.


Dog parents can make friendships with other dog owners they meet in their local dog park through the app & form a network to swap dog-sitting services. The best part about dog-swapping networks is that it’s free. You just have to be willing to look after someone else’s dog when they are away on a vacation. It’s a win-win situation for all dog owners – fostering deep friendships, trust and kinship within the community.


Dog families are not just looking for a community for the humans in the family, they are also looking for communities where their dogs can thrive. Join theDogHood today to partake in this wonderful world of doggy connections & make more kinder, stronger communities where you live. CLICK HERE to join.


You can read more of the STUDY HERE.

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