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Dangerous Holiday Pet Hazards: How To Keep Your Pet Safe This Winter

Winter holidays mean celebrating Christmas and thanksgiving or any other happy occasion. In this joyous time, you’ll need to take extra care of your dogs, so they’re protected from any dangerous hazards.

The curious nature of pets in addition to their strong sense of smell, can cost them during holiday events. For instance, eating something harmful, getting hurt by sharp ornaments, etc.

Therefore, you need to focus on dog care and take precautionary measures to keep your pet safe and sound throughout the holiday season.

To make sure you’re prepared beforehand, here’s a list of some pet hazards you need to avoid during the winters.

Holiday Guests

Dogs who are not people-friendly tend to get disturbed during the winter holidays because of frequent visitors or guests.

The increased activity and diverted attention of dog owners can take a toll on the pet’s routine and cause disturbances in their behavior.

You can restrict your pet to a separate room with food and water, allowing them to remain calm and under control, or you can offer behavioral training for socializing your dog. Behavioral training will enhance your pet’s immunity, encouraging it to be around humans.

Besides that, keep in mind to make your dog wear a personalized collar or bandana, etc., making identification in large crowds easy and ensuring it doesn’t get lost.

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Although setting up a Christmas tree is super fun, the spiky ornaments attached to it can be dangerous for your pet. Dogs are usually attracted to decoration and lighting, so there’s a high chance that they’ll try to hold them in their hands or take them in the mouth.

Therefore, hang the spiky or harmful ornaments out of the dog’s reach while you may use the wooden or harmless ornaments on the lower branches of the Christmas tree.


If you’re a flower or plants lover, we understand how excited you must be to decorate your home with it but be aware that some plants are toxic for pets.

Some of the holiday plants that are dangerous for pets include azaleas, holly, ivy, lily, amaryllis, evergreens, juniper, mistletoe, and chrysanthemums.

If your dog ends up eating any of these plants, it can lead to irritation in the stomach and mouth, resulting in vomiting.

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Ribbons & Glittery Tinsel

No matter how much you like decorating your home with glittery items and ribbons, in case your dog ends up chewing on any of these decorative items, it can harm them and even lead to emergency surgery.

These things tend to wrap around the pet’s tongue and once eaten, they can cause intestinal blockage. If you think your dog tends to chew on these items, don’t decorate your home with such items.

Lights & Wires

In case your dog chews on electrical wires, it’ll lead to serious injuries like oral burns and electrical shocks.

If you think your pet will incline towards wires, make sure they get as little exposure as they can to holiday lights. You can also use electrical wire covers or organizers to keep these wires out of the dog’s reach.

Uncooked Food

Holidays are all about cooking food for your loved ones and your pet but while you’re busy in the kitchen, don’t forget to check up on your dog, because it might sneak into the kitchen and eat uncooked food.

For instance, raw dough attracts dogs a little too much but if it contains any ingredients such as salt or yeast, it can be dangerous for the pet.

If your dog ends up eating uncooked yeast dough, it’ll rise inside his digestive tract and block or rupture the internal organs that can result in seizure and, at times, respiratory failure.

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Toys & Batteries

Keep hard toys and loose batteries out of dogs’ reach because they might end up losing their teeth if they chew on them.

Moreover, batteries include zinc in it which might cause pancreatitis if eaten by the dog. If you have small kids at your place, then either buy plush toys for them or pick up all their toys once they’re done playing with them.


Alcohol can be fatal for pets. Even a small amount of alcohol can be poisonous for your dog. So if your guests come over to a party with any baked goods, then make sure you confirm if it includes any alcohol before feeding it to your dog.


Pets usually roam around shopping bags or purses because they’re curious to see what’s inside. Make sure you make a separate corner for guests’ belongings so your pets can’t peek inside or end up eating something toxic like candies, gums, or chocolates that might contain xylitol.

Christmas Sweaters

Make sure you make your pets wear clothing items that allow them to breathe freely. There shouldn’t be any dangly items attached to them that may be harmful if ingested.

Besides that, if your dog doesn’t like wearing any clothes, it’s best to leave him as it is.

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