Puppy with a toy in its bed

Dog Beds: Everything You Need To Know

Puppy with a toy in its bed

Dog beds can be as fancy or as simple as you want. Some doggo parents allow their pets to sleep with them in their own beds. However, every dog owner should have at least one or two comfortable bed for their dog; professional dog trainers say that there are many benefits of having separate beds for your doggos.

When your puppers feel like taking a nap during the day, they have a cozy bed that can be customized to support their joints and help prevent calluses. These beds are usually portable, which means you can easily carry them whenever you’re on the go. It helps to ensure your doggo can have a restful sleep without feeling anxious or having trouble settling in a new environment.

In fact, dog beds tend to make the doggos feel safe and relaxed because the place seems familiar to them. Besides, if you’re allergic to their fur, your doggos shouldn’t roll over in your bed because it can spruce up your allergies. Typically, dog beds make life easier. If your dog spills something, or the bed gets infested by mites or fleas, you can easily wash them.

Dog in its bed

But with such a wide variety of dog beds available in the market, how do you choose which one will be most suitable for your adorable pooch? Don’t worry; we consulted a dog behavioral trainer regarding various factors that dog parents should consider before choosing a bed for their doggo, so that you don’t have to! Here’s what we found out.

#1- It Should Be A Good Fit

While it’s important to look for something within your budget, it’s equally crucial that you ensure your doggo fits on this dog bed. If their limbs or head hangs off the edge, this bed will not be comfortable for your pup.

#2- It Should Be Easily Washable

Doggos pass gas, make a mess when they enjoy their favorite treats, wipe ointment-filled ears and eyes, and scratch fleas on their beds. If you’ve been trying to potty training your puppy, chances are they will also urinate on their comfortable beds sometimes. The bed you choose for them must be washing-machine friendly so that you can keep it hygienic without much hassle.

#3- It Should Be Comfortable

If your doggo is healthy, an inexpensive foam-filled dog bed might work perfectly fine. However, with senior doggos, you need to be careful when choosing a bed, as they need more support and comfort. From orthopedic beds to ones with heating capabilities or flexible gels to distribute the weight evenly, there are several options available to ensure your dog can sleep well in their very own dog bed.

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