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Dog Enrichment: Toys, Games, and DIY Ideas

Dog enrichment toys are interactive toys designed specifically for dogs to keep them engaged and interested. These toys further help them feel emotionally, physically, and mentally good. Like people, dogs also need activities not to feel bored or anxious.

Every dog possesses a few innate behaviors that are significantly highlighted when engaged in certain activities. Enrichment toys help dogs embrace their innate behaviors, such as playing, chewing, chasing, scavenging, or sniffing. These toys empower them and allow them to explore their strengths.

If you’re planning to purchase enrichment toys for your dogs or looking for DIY ideas, then this post is the best for you.

Best Dog Enrichment Toys

You need to make sure of before purchasing enrichment toys for dogs to see if they are appropriate for them. You must check if the toy is suitable for playing or if your pup will end up accidentally swallowing it. If your dog is a good chewer, buying toys that aren’t destroyed by chewing is great.

Since you know and understand your dog closely, it’s up to you as an owner to make the right decision and buy appropriate toys for them. Here are some recommendations that can help you.

Interactive Dog Puzzle

An interactive dog puzzle is similar to a normal puzzle with hidden treats inside the game. Dogs love a good treat, and there’s no better way to engage them in such activities. Even if your dog is not in the mood, a game reeking of their favorite treat is enough to catch their attention.

Mostly, the game comes with a sliding tray where the owner can hide the dog treats. The game does not come with any removable parts and is easy to clean. The dogs start sniffing, pawing, and nudging for the delicious treats hidden in it, stimulating their brain and muscles.

Dog Smart

Another type of puzzle is the dog smart, which is great for boosting your dog’s mental stimulation by strengthening their problem-solving skills. The game is similar to the first one; however, there are cylinders with a hole on top. The dog has to sniff its way to find the cylinder with hidden treats in it.

Tail Teaser Flirt Pole

This one toy can make your dog chase you like crazy. You can attach their favorite game at the end of the flirt pole or even play tug of war with them. It’s a simple stick that looks like a wand. You can throw it around and make your dog start chasing you.

It’s a great enrichment toy because it increases the dog’s physical activity. It’s simple and doesn’t take a lot of places to keep it.

Snuffle Mat

A snuffle mat is another type of game where you can hide the dog’s treats. When your dog is hungry, sniffing the food can calm them down. Plus, it’s a great way to keep the dog busy for a while.

It’s easy to clean up and does not take a lot of space. Get this amazing enrichment toy for your dog today!

DIY Dog Enrichment Toys

Are you looking for ideas for DIY dog enrichment toys? You’re in the right place, so keep reading.

Make Use of Cardboard & Packing Paper

Cardboard enrichment games

Scent games are perfect for encouraging dogs to take an interest in them. Take a cardboard and a few packing papers. Take some of your dog’s treats and place them inside the box. You can also fill the box with your dog’s favorite toys. Such games where dogs hunt down items boost their self-confidence and relieve stress.

Don’t recycle the boxes and save them to create enrichment toys for your dog. Your pup will love the texture of the packing paper too. It’s an easy-to-make toy that anyone can set up using the things available at home.

Use Old Clothes to Make Toys

Dog playing with a rope

If you have a few old clothes at home, then that’s all you need to prepare the next enrichment toy for your dog. Cut them up and start tying them into your favorite toy without needing any sewing. You can even involve your kids in this DIY project. Also, you can add some tennis balls inside the toy to make it look great.

Don’t throw things in the trash because you can use them to make toys for dogs at home. It’s perfect for keeping you engaged as well.

Towel Filled With Treats

All you need is a towel, a few of your dog’s favorite treats, and that’s it. Spread your dog’s favorite treats on the towel and roll it up in the form of a burrito. This game helps the dog forage and hunt down all the treats. It’s a great way to make them learn to push things with their nose as well.

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