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Dogs And Holiday Guests: How To Prepare Your Pup

Since the holiday season is approaching soon, you might be indulged in home cleaning, planning for parties, going for gift shopping, or stocking up on food, etc.

Amidst the chaos, make sure you don’t lose track of your pup’s health and mood swings. Your pet needs as much care and affection from you as other family members.

Hence, before calling over guests, make sure if your pup is ready to receive them or not. Here’s a puppy training guide for you to help you out in training your pup according to his personality and habits.

If your pups are not used to being around large crowds and haven’t caught up on basic manners, it’s never too late to train them! Start from basics like saying ‘stay’ while you’re busy doing other chores or ask them to ‘sit down’ while you’re feeding them their meal.

The more you train them from an early age on a daily basis, the better they’ll become at behaving around humans. Some of the essential behavior training starts from saying the following things to your pup:

Stay or Sit

Stay and sit are the two words that dog owners commonly use to control their pup’s excitement or anger as they approach visitors.

Saying ‘sit’ to your dog is a common strategy to prevent them from jumping on the visitors so they can greet you properly or sit comfortably.

Saying ‘stay’ to the dog is to make them stay in one place so they can move around the house without worrying.

Keep in mind to always remind your pup to sit and stay when you step outside the home or when guests come to your place.

This will prepare your pup to behave sensibly and stay calm in front of people or outdoors. Once your pup gets a hold on his behavior, you can invite as many guests for your holiday dinner or lunch.

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Go To Your Place

To make sure your pup doesn’t go out of control, you’ll need to have a commanding tone occasionally.

One of the most popular commands used by dog owners is ‘Go to your place.’ This is specially used for those pets that create chaos or irritate guests while eating or talking.

However, you need to dedicate a specific place in your home that belongs to your pup only, so they know where to head towards when you ask them to go to their place.

If you don’t have extra space in your home or a dog bed, you can use a mat or crates to dedicate a place for your pup.

In situations where your pup listens to you and goes directly to his place, you may give him a positive reinforcement that can motivate him, such as a peanut butter and banana treat, so that he maintains good behavior next time as well.

Practice this a couple of times with your pup at the arrival of neighbors or friends, so they’re mentally prepared when guests come over.

A dog sitting on the couch in between a man and a woman

Leave It

Most dog owners use this statement if their pet is too curious to hold on to each and every thing in their sight. If you have one of these pups, we can understand your struggle very well.

However, saying ‘leave it’ to your pup while they hold on to a food item from the dining table that’s dangerous for them can help them understand that this thing is bad for them.

This can also be helpful while you’re decorating your home with holiday plants, fancy lights, and wrapped gifts, in case your pup tries to touch or open them.

You can initially start practicing this statement with your pup through food, so later, it can be used to stop them from touching other things as well.

Besides saying ‘leave it,’ another most common phrase is ‘drop it.’ This is usually used when your pup is far away and has something in his mouth; hence you can instruct him to take it out by shouting ‘drop it.’


Teach your pup certain tricks so they can easily socialize among people. It’s important because some guests are hesitant to come to a house with pets, but they might feel at home if your pet is friendly and welcoming.

Tricks can be an ideal ‘ice breaker’ such as a little shake, spin, high five, or roll over not only looks adorable but gives a friendly impression which may persuade the guests to play with your pup instead of being scared.

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