Fit Fur Life: How To Determine If Your Dog Is Overweight

It’s quite common for many people to have a pup that’s a little pudgier than usual. In fact, a survey by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention revealed that over 66.7% of canines in the US are obese or overweight. Unfortunately, the extra bulges can cause various health issues in your pupper, including canine diabetes, kidney diseases, skin problems, mobility, breathing difficulties, increased heat intolerance, liver and kidney issues, high blood pressure, painful arthritis, and certain cancers.

Over-feeding your pupper their favorite treats isn’t a good idea as it can shorten their lifespan significantly. Interestingly, a lifetime study dedicated to Golden Retrievers showed that being overweight decreased the doggos life expectancy by almost two to three years! Wondering how to tell if your doggo needs to shed off those few extra pounds to fight obesity? Read on to find ways to determine how you can get your pup to stay happy and healthy for years to come by identifying whether your fur baby is overweight.

#1- Body Shape

While we definitely don’t support body shaming, we urge all pawrents to examine their pup’s body shape from above. If the doggo looks rather oval-shaped or rotund, Fido is likely overweight. However, if the doggo has a straight build down the sides and a defined waist down the rear, it means you’ve got nothing to worry about as they’re at a healthy weight.

You can also feel the doggos ribs to be sure; if they’re prominent or you feel them without needing to press hard, then the doggo is fit. But if your doggo has fat pads on top of their hips or between their legs, it will waddle when they walk. Inspecting them properly during petting sessions can help determine if the pupper needs to lose some extra pounds to get to a healthy weight.

#2- Behavior

Obese and overweight puppers are usually inactive. They spend most of their time scarfing down their favorite foods. If your doggo is lethargic, has breathing difficulties, or becomes a couch potato who generally has trouble moving about, it might indicate obesity.

#3- Weight

One of the easiest ways to tell if your pup is overweight is to weigh them properly at an experienced veterinarian. They will help you understand whether the doggo is overweight according to their breed and size because ‘healthy’ weight looks different for every dog breed. The vet can help thoroughly examine your doggo and compare various factors to a body condition score chart, which helps rank all doggos body types by shape.

Obese dog
If all signs reveal your pupper is, in fact, obese, it can shave off precious years from their life. Fortunately, you can avert or reverse some of these conditions by helping your pooch lose some weight to get healthy fur life.

According to their breed and age, start by gradually increasing the time you exercise your pup and reducing their calorie intake. From canine sports to agility classes, there are several ways to make your pup’s journey fun while ensuring they remain engaged. Discuss the diet plan and supplementary needs of your pupper with your vet and divide the means evenly into smaller portions so that they don’t feel hungry later in the day.

In this #NationalPetWellnessMonth, theDogHood wants to raise awareness about the overall health and wellness of puppers across the globe. We want pawrents to proactively feed their fur babies breed-appropriate diets that will help preempt various illnesses, boost immunity, and enhance overall health.

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