Here’s How You Can Help Your Dog Make Other Dog Friends

If you have a dog and are working on helping it build its friendships, please remember that they need to be their own friend before everything else. Allow your dog to be the best and the most playful version of themselves. Give them space, be their biggest protector, and help them make new friends!

Here are some great tips that may come in handy:

How do dogs make friends?

Dog friendships work pretty much the same way as human friendships. Just like most of us, dogs also crave companionship from their own kind. They like being around with those who are similar to them. This is why it’s great to get your dog to befriend other dogs. All dogs enjoy the same activities, run after similar things, love going for walks, and enjoy playing with toys. This is what bonds them and brings them together.

A proud dog owner having a great time with her puppy.

When two dogs meet, their communication is very non-verbal. They primarily use body language and olfactory clues to understand each other and get familiarized. The body language is enough to give them a feel of what they want. If they sense positive vibes, they’ll instantly become good friends.

Dogs also tend to make friends based on their past friendship experiences. If they’ve had a bad altercation with a certain breed, they might be a little conscious or wary around them in the future. Being a pet owner means you need to understand how your dog behaves in front of other breeds and what you can do to make them feel comfortable.

Tips to help your dog

Here are some tips to help your dog become better friends with other species:

  • Go easy on your dog. Just because your best friend has a dog doesn’t mean the two of them need to be best friends too. If your furry little animal isn’t into it, don’t force them to meet a dog that they don’t want to. Try to understand how their mood works and let things flow in their own way. Try and use positive reinforcement. Even if your dog is friendly, doesn’t mean they’ll get along with everyone. A single negative experience can cause a major problem.
  • Get them to socialize as early as possible. During their first six months, your puppy is the most impressionable. This is the ideal time for you to get them to meet other puppies. Expose them to dogs from similar and different species. The sooner they start, the easier it will be for them to form positive associations with other dogs when they grow up.

A proud dog owner having a great time with her puppy.


  • Organize playdates. One on one playdates are a great idea to get your dog to become more social. If the puppy is still young, it might not be a great idea to take them to meet or interact with too many dogs at once. One on one playdates are a lot more laid back, easier, and manageable for a puppy. However, it helps to make sure that the two dogs are of the same size and similar temperament. This will definitely help the gel in better and faster.
  • Get your dog neutered. Neutering male dogs is an important step and helps them stay safe from the risk of testicular cancer and a lot of other health risks. It also prevents any unplanned puppies. Neutering is also known as castration. This is a veterinary surgical procedure that involves removal of the testes under general anesthesia. For female dogs, the process is called spaying and involves removing the uterus. The process may also result in reduction of undesirable behavior that might be a little embarrassing in public. If a dog is spayed or neutered, they’re less likely to roam around.
  • Take them to the park. Only do this after your dog is a year old and has been vaccinated.
  • Make friends with other dog parents. Try and socialize with people who have the same breed of dogs as you do. Understand their dog’s behavior and see if it’ll be a good fit for yours. The key is to find someone who your dog will get along with. This will help you find a great friend too.


A proud dog owner having a great time with her puppy.


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