How To Become A Pet Influencer On Instagram?

According to the latest statistics rolled out by Instagram, there are over 24.6 million business profiles among the one billion active monthly users. Some are real brands, but others are profiles created by those who want to access the analytics and several other perks offered by professional accounts.

Data reveals that during 2020, the number of active Instagram users grew even more, as many users switched to creator or business profiles. What’s even more interesting is that the number includes accounts of brands and people and pets who already enjoy the perks of having millions of followers.

Why Instagram?

Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular platforms where people share photos and short snippets of their day via temporary stories. The photo-sharing app has turned countless people and pets into well-known celebrities.

People across the globe are crazy for adorable pet pictures and engaging content about animal care. However, today, pets are just celebrities—they’re verified influencers. They’ve courted likes, built a swarm of followers, and have been earning substantial advertising and collaboration dollars with their distinct personalities and unique skills.

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How To Become A Trendy Petfluencer?

Choose a unique theme and add a mix of trending hashtags to become a fantastic pet influencer with millions of followers and likes that will instantly make your doggo famous on Instagram. Here are some effective tips and tricks to make your (and your doggo’s) dream come true!

#1 Determine What Makes Your Doggo Special

Before embarking on the incredible Instagram journey, the first thing you should do is ask yourself what you love about the pupper and what makes them stand out from the crowd. For instance, Winston might be a hopper, Ginny could be good at balancing things, and Maddie can be an adorable white corgi.

Showcase the physical attributes or funny characteristics of your doggo that can entertain people or make them laugh. Whether your pupper is lazy, gloomy, hyperactive or always smiling, use these characteristics to your advantage and choose a suitable theme for the account.

#2 Post Consistently

We know you love your doggo, but twenty identical selfies of your canine companion within a week might be a little too much. Test the timing and stick to posting a couple of engaging posts per day. Focus on remaining dedicated to documenting your doggo’s life if you’re looking to gain loyal followers.

#3 Take Aesthetically Appealing Photos

It’s a photo-sharing app; no one wants to see blurry, low-quality, rather petrifying photos of your doggo. Consider investing in a high-quality camera when you’re bringing the dog to phenomenal places to take the snapshots up a notch. While taking perfect photos requires practice, you should have fun becoming a stage mom for your pet-gram. Take random pictures, go on adventures with the pup, and unleash your inner creativity to capture share-worthy magical moments.

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#4 Hashtags

Hashtags are incredibly helpful if you’re trying to get noticed. Although experts believe some people can easily go overboard with hashtags, they’re an excellent way to start your journey as a pet influencer. Feel free to use #pupperino, #doggo and other popular hashtags along with a photo of your dog’s adorable smile to gain maximum attention on the gram.

#5 Change Lives

Becoming a petfluencer comes with the ability and power needed to change a life. When Manny the Frenchie tours the nation, it supports various charities and raises awareness about supporting rescued animals and adopting pets. When your dog becomes an influencer, it can change another person, community, or pet’s life.

#6 Meaningful Content

Apart from taking aesthetically appealing doggo selfies, you should also provide meaningful content that helps doggo parents. Use this opportunity to market nutritious dog treats, fun toys, and vital information.

From recommending appropriate mental and physical exercises to facts about using CBD for doggos, you can spread awareness or provide helpful advice to the dog lovers’ community. If you come across a particular snack that is delicious yet healthy, why not share the information with the world? Sharing valuable information might help you earn sponsorship dollars and expand your loyal fan following.

#7 Post On Other Reliable Dog Lovers Community Platform

Screenshot of theDogHood App

If you’re looking to attract more followers, consider joining theDogHood community or download the app to reach out to local DogHood hubs, share content in the PAWFEED, ask questions, stay updated with events and make a unique profile for your canine companion.

With a click, you can reach out to clusters of local or global communities where loyal and engaged doggo lovers can discuss habits, pain points, desires, and other characteristics with others. The platform is created by dog lovers for doggo owners and vouched by doggo parents across the globe. It’s an online community for dog lovers where influencers can reach out to people to influence their buying decisions based on zip code, weather, or needs.

You can also offer or seek advice from certified dog behaviorists, dog gurus, and other doggo parents at theDogHood platform. It’s a dog lovers community platform where you can access free dog training videos, celebrate unique traits of different dog breeds, set local play dates for socializing your dog, and more.

This platform also offers the opportunity to share cute puppy stories or get inspired by heartwarming stories of dogs by dog lovers on the Hoomans of the DogHood.

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