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How to Give Your Pupper A Proper Holiday Bath

We understand that dog owners don’t get enough time amidst their busy schedules on regular days to accommodate a proper dog bath, but that’s what the holiday season is for!

While making your holiday checklist to unwind all the pending tasks or things to do, don’t miss out on giving your pup a detailed bath.

Whether your pet loves it or not, it’s essential to clean them occasionally to maintain their hygiene and the cleanliness around your home.

A proper bath does not only make your dogs feel clean or smell good, but it also keeps their skin healthy and helps you analyze any abnormalities that you wouldn’t pay attention to otherwise.

In case of any infections, redness, or itchy skin, you must consult a veterinarian right away. To make sure you’re bathing your dog properly, here’s a guide for you!

Choose the Right Shampoo

Don’t make the mistake of using your shampoo on your pet. Gentle shampoo is preferred even if your dog has skin free of dryness, itchiness, and greasiness.

Moreover, if you want to bathe your dog frequently, use a soap-free shampoo like Aloe vera or Oatmeal shampoo. These shampoos help retain the natural skin oils while keeping your dog’s skin smooth and clean.

Choose the Right Place

It’s ideal to bathe your dog in its comfort zone. If they’re scared of taking a shower in a bathtub, you can use a water container or a small pool instead.

If you’re still unable to convince your pup for a bath, use any treats that he likes, such as peanut butter, etc., to distract him while you can wash him up.

A wet puppy after shower

Use the Right Temperature of Water

It’s advised to use lukewarm water for bathing dogs because extremely hot or cold water might scare away or harm your dog.

The goal is to make him comfortable and not more complex for you, so make sure the water is at a moderate temperature.

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