Dog enjoying fresh air

How To Help Your Carsick Dog Enjoy Car Rides

Dog enjoying fresh air

Most doggos look forward to joyous car rides with their owners, but some puppers, especially younger ones, sometimes dread the experience. They drool, shiver, vomit, and whine excessively due to stress, excitement, and motion sickness.

Certified dog behaviorists reveal that puppies with an underdeveloped ear structure may have balance issues, making them feel woozy during car rides. If that’s the case, most puppies usually outgrow motion sickness as they grow. However, some puppers may continue to experience car sickness as they get conditioned to equate travel with unpleasant trips like those to the vet.

Here are a few tips for teaching your doggo to stay calm when riding a car.

#1 Positive Reinforcement

Professional dog trainers suggest altering your pupper’s association with car rides. Take them to a peaceful, relaxing, and fun place, like dog-friendly parks that to your home. Whenever you reach the park, try to make the visit enjoyable by playing with them.

When you come back home, play with your doggo enthusiastically and then let them rest. After a few hours, give them their favorite treats to teach your doggo that car rides should not be a reason to get sick or anxious.

#2 Prioritize Safety And Comfort

Try to make the ride comfortable for your doggo. Dog behavior specialists suggest making your doggo face forward rather than letting them look outside the window when traveling. You can purchase seat belts designed specifically for dogs or transport them in crates for additional safety—from the potential hazards of airbags or containing vomit if your pupper suddenly becomes ill.

#3 Make Frequent Stops

Sometimes, doggos can’t handle long hours of car rides. Try to stop frequently, after every hour or two, to make them walk and use the bathroom. Some experts also recommend giving them some cold water during these stops.

Happy dog in a car

#4 Let In Some Fresh Air

Turn off the car’s AC and roll down the windows to let in some fresh air. When there is proper ventilation, the air pressure inside the car balances with the pressure outside, which might help reduce the doggos discomfort. However, if it’s scorching hot, keep the car cool because a stuffy or hot vehicle may make it worse.

#5 Avoid Giving Them Treats Before Traveling

Dog behavioral trainers at theDogHood community suggest limiting your doggos food consumption before traveling. You should only give your pupper a small piece of dog-friendly sugary candy to reduce nausea but avoid chocolate because it can be toxic to doggos.

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