Illustrious Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Using Their Influence To Help Your Pets

Ruchi and Purvi, owners of theDogHood App with their dogs

With numerous startups catering to the needs of pets and their parents, the global pet sector is an ever-evolving one. Several women entrepreneurs are currently running successful startups about healthcare, food, training, grooming, and emergency-related needs of pets across the globe.

With couples deciding against having children, increased loneliness, smaller families, changing perceptions towards pets, and better incomes, many factors have led to the rise of pet parents worldwide. Let’s pay tribute to some women-led startups addressing the growing needs of pet parents while ensuring an enhanced quality of life for all pets, especially dogs.


Rashi Narang found HeadsUpForTails in 2008 to cater to the grooming and spa needs of pets with a range of products. She was fed up with not finding adorable stuff for her doggos, which made her step out of her comfort zone and initiated her startup. From collars to beds, accessories, toys, treats, and grooming products, the pet couture themed startup offers the quirkiest range of products for pets of all shapes and sizes.


Founded in 2016 by Rukmini Vaish, CollarFolk was formed to help pet parents struggling to pull off vacation or travel plans with their puppers. Team CollarFolk facilitates bookings and holiday planning for pawrents keen to travel with their doggos. They also have an online store dedicated to pet products and planning memorable experiences with beloved pets.

Woman showing affection to her dog

Honest Kitchen

Most pet parents remain concerned about the feeding regimens of their pets. Lucy Postins came to the rescue of all such pawrents by offering non-genetically modified, organic, and gluten-free food that could easily rival any supper idea you were eye-balling. Her commitment to natural goodness was baked into her business in 2002, and it has been a recipe for success since then.


This startup is a one-of-its-kind café that is dedicated to dog lovers. Sectioned in two—one for humans and the other for doggos, the café is owned by Nayani and Malika Tondon who came up with the idea to cash in on on people’s desire to spend quality time with adorable doggos.

Screenshot of theDogHood App



It’s safe to say that all women-led startups have made their mark in the pet care sector, but theDogHood is one such startup that truly strives to revolutionize the industry. Founded by Purvi and Ruchi, theDogHood app allows seasoned and newbie pawrents to reach out to local DogHood hubs, share content in the PAWFEED, ask questions, stay updated with events, celebrate unique traits of different dog breeds, set local play dates for socializing dogs, and more.

You can also join theDogHood community to seek advice, access comprehensive puppy training guides, and learn some incredible dog training tricks and tips from dog lovers, dog gurus, and certified dog behavior trainers at one of the best dog care platforms.

Many dog lovers love reading heartwarming stories of dogs at the Hoomans of the DogHood platform, while some also share their cute puppy stories to inspire other doggo owners across the globe.


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