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Kibble Vs. Raw Vs. Homemade Diets – What’s Best for Your Dog?

The dog community is growing day by day. The pet food industry was valued as high as $98.9 billion in 2020, and it’s further projected to rise up to around $136.4 billion by 2026. These statistics speak volumes of how huge the industry is.

With so much attention being paid to dog food and dog care overall, one simply marvels at the many options they have as a dog owner. You may come across different dog foods, but at the end of the day, it’s the nutrients that your dog regularly consumes that matter.

Learn the difference between kibble, raw, and homemade diets so that you can ensure your dog is getting what’s best for them.

Kibble Diet

Kibble diet consists of dry food items made with healthy sources of vital nutrients like grains, cereals, poultry, fish, beef, etc. The ingredients used are processed and cooked through a process called extrusion.

The main feature of this kind of diet is that it’s very easy to introduce to your dog’s lifestyle. Many brands offer different types of dry food items with different nutritional values. Convenience is certainly at its core.

However, they may contain some filler ingredients that add calories to the meal that provide no real benefit. It can also contain some fats, so those people who are super careful about the fats their dog consumes should avoid a kibble diet.

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Raw Diet

As simple as it sounds, a raw diet consists of meats, vegetables, and dairy products that have not undergone a cooking process. Due to the absence of any sort of processing, many people advocate for a raw diet.

However, you need to ensure that the food you use is from a fresh source and is not contaminated. Otherwise, there can be a lot of adverse health effects on your dog.

Homemade Diet

Homemade diets consist of all the items you use for yourself to cook your food. Here, you use some of those ingredients to make easy recipes for your dog to eat and enjoy. This is a healthier option, as you know where you’re getting the food from and know that it’s nutritious.

However, there are some ingredients that may not be suitable for dogs. Also, it isn’t a convenient option if you’re someone with a busy schedule. Moreover, it can also prove to be costly at times.

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