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National Train Your Dog Month: Why Dog Training is Necessary, Beneficial and How to Make It Fun

A dog is a perfect companion, the best friend, and the source of joy to all dog owners. However, a dog that continually disobeys you or shows behavioral issues can become a reason for stress for the owners.

Training a dog from scratch is the owner’s responsibility. It helps the dog live a healthy and happy life and brings peace of mind to the dog owner. After all, you didn’t get a dog to add more stress to your life – it should be the reason for happiness for you.

Since National Train Your Dog Month is here, why not make the most use of it? A little instruction given rightly is all your dog needs to train them. This post will give you all information on why dog training is necessary, beneficial and how to make it fun.

Why is Dog Training Important?

Training is the core part of taking a dog into your home. It can start at any age; the person just needs to give the right instruction to the dog. Training helps a dog build confidence, strengthen its bond with the owner, and boost mental stimulation. A trained dog brings peace of mind to the owner, which is all you need to spend quality time together.

There’s no age limit for dogs to start learning. Their timid personalities enable them to learn quicker than all other animals. Achievements and training drive them, giving them a sense of accomplishment. The training period is high time for both dog and dog owners to connect and come close to one another. The dog owner gives positive attention to the dog throughout this time, which is all a dog craves.

Training not only ensures a dog’s physical activity but also boosts mental stimulation. A little exercise can keep your furry friends up and provide them with enough indoor activity as well. The training period also adds physical activity to your lifestyle, ensuring you stay healthy and active.

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Benefits of Training Your Dog

Are you wondering about the true benefits of training? Here are a few to get you started with your dog’s training.

  • Both Dog and Owner Benefits from it: If you want to become a good dog owner who understands their dog’s needs, then it’s best to start training them as soon as you take them into your house. Training a dog saves you from missing out on your dog’s needs and fulfilling them quickly. It’s also a great source of exercise for both you and your dog. A well-behaved dog is much easier to take everywhere with you, so make sure to add dog training to your schedule.
  • Essential for Dog’s Safety: Training is for the dog’s own safety. When your dog is unrestrained, your voice command should be enough to guide or control them. If your dog isn’t trained enough, they’re expected to run out on roads, slip on the door, or more when unleashed. Training a dog makes them behave well in different settings, which is the sole purpose.
  • Enables Dogs to Become Sociable: You must take your dog on walks or hikes where you meet new people and pets. A trained dog acts well in such social situations and respects boundaries. Your dog must stay calm and friendly around other people and pets, so you can also connect with other dog owners.
  • Allows Easy Boarding: There might come a time when you have to go away for a few days and give your dog off to a friend or family member for a few days. If your dog is trained well, they follow your commands and behave well around other people. Try to make your dog training a priority if you don’t want to encounter any unwanted situation with your dog.
  • Strengthens Bond With The Dog: The time you spend with your dog is the time you will cherish forever. Training offers a slot in your day with the dog where they aren’t only learning, but your bond is strengthening as well. It further helps in building trust between the dog and the owner.

How to Make Training Fun?

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Training doesn’t have to be strict and boring; otherwise, your dog can lose interest in it. There are many ways to make this time memorable and bond with your dog. Here’s how you can make training fun.

Give Food Treats on Achievement

Nobody likes rigidity, including your dog. A little fun hurts no one and is especially great to get your dog’s attention. You can use interesting treats while training your dog to keep them interested. Make sure it’s their favorite ones to encourage them to show good behavior easily.

Use Positive Reinforcement Methods

Dogs are sensitive creatures and can pick up your vibe. If you’re tense or angry during the session, then your dog will know. A dog starts to fool around to avoid confrontation in such situations, affecting their training session. Try to train them in a good mood, or avoid training them when you’re off the hook.

Make Sure the Dog Enjoys the Training Session

Don’t force your dog to learn. Everything takes time, and if your dogs are wandering off to other places or things during their training session, then forcing them will only make it worse. It will create a notion in their head that training time is the worst time, so the best thing is to let them be sometimes. Let them enjoy the session, so they look forward to the next ones as well.

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