Odd Dog Behaviors: What They Mean And How To Deal With Them

Dog clinging to a woman

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Do you sometimes find your pupper running recklessly after a bath or staring at you for no reason? These odd behaviors may seem strange to pet parents, but they’re very common in canines. Since your doggos can’t talk, they try to communicate with their owners through certain cues.

Let’s learn about some odd dog behaviors so that you can understand how your pups may be feeling if they showcase these behaviors.


Many dogs lean on their owners when they’re standing in the kitchen or sitting on the couch. While it’s understandable that most doggos do this for attention, some of the best dog trainers discourage letting the canines do these behaviors inappropriately. Command your doggo to sit each time it tries to lean on you to divert your attention so that they know they will get pets for desirable behavior only.


When doggos stare at their owners, they are usually asking for a cuddle, treat, or attention. Some canines perceive direct eye contact as a threat which can make them uncomfortable. Certified dog behavior specialists reveal that the ‘look or watch’ exercise helps teach the dogs to look at their owners for instructions or direction.

Initially, the exercise often makes the doggos look up to their owners intentionally to receive treats or praise before they learn to obey commands. However, this exercise is an excellent way to bond with your canine companion.

Hyper After Baths

Many doggos get a little crazy after baths! Experts believe that this hyperactive behavior indicates that your canine friend is glad that their bath time is finally over! The odd behavior is to probe you to dry off their coat.

On the other hand, if your doggo enjoys bath time, they may think of it as a stimulating activity that gives them a surge of energy. This makes them run around excitedly while rubbing against comfortable furniture and objects inside your home.

Dogs enjoying a treat with the owner on a sofa

Cocking Their Head

Head tilting is another amusing behavior that pupper often exhibit. When owners speak in a high-pitched voice, whistle, or make funny noises, their dogs often tilt their heads to figure out what you’re trying to communicate to them. Some breeds also cock their heads to determine where the sound may be coming from.


Most dogs chew on leather, fabric, wood, tiles, concrete, and many other weird objects. Dog behavioral trainers suggest giving your dogs enrichment activities when they do so, indicating that they’re simply bored. Toys, puzzles, a stroll in the park or other exercises are a great way to keep them occupied. However, keep in mind that if the pup is young, such behaviors may indicate that they’re teething. If that’s the case, help them by providing them with safe bones and chew toys to satisfy their urge.

Following You Everywhere

When dogs spend most of their time indoors, they may frequently follow you creepily around the house, even when you use the bathroom! Your dog doesn’t have a sense of privacy, so it’s quite natural that they want to spend time with you.

However, you should watch dog training videos to learn more about socialization training for your dogs because having a healthy bond and making them clingy are very different things. Encourage some independence because otherwise, dogs often experience separation anxiety when their owners leave for work. This is especially the case with owners who were working from home during the pandemic but will be resuming work from offices soon.

Dog sitting on the grass


Many dog behavior specialists believe that wolf-like ancestors of dogs used to walk around in circles before lying down to rest. This ritual helps them flatten any twigs, grass, or leaves so that the nesting spot can become comfortable. So, if your dog walks around in circles before lying down, now you know what it means.

Kicking Grass

No, your doggo doesn’t hate grass. Most dogs kick around the lawn to cover up their elimination. Some dog experts believe that since these canines have scent glands in their paws, they exhibit such behaviors to mark their territory, just like their ancestors did.


Coming home to every room covered in torn utility bills, homework, and toilet paper confetti is something all doggo owners might have experienced at some point in their life. Some dog owners have also shared horrifying stories where their pups turned cash in their wallets to shredded bits. Some dog behaviorists think this might simply be because they find shredding objects fun when they’re bored.

Apart from losing important documents and the never-ending cleaning, this reckless behavior can be dangerous for your puppers. If they swallow paper and other foreign objects, it can cause digestive issues or block their intestines. Every dog owner needs to be proactive by giving them a chew toy to redirect the shredding impulse.

Dog with a magazine

If your doggo is too young to learn, confine them to a safe area or a comfortable crate whenever you’re not able to supervise them. However, eventually, you’ll need to train them to learn about desirable behaviors to avoid mishaps if someone leaves inappropriate objects out in the open within your home.

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