This is how the journey started …

The best things in life happen when you’re not looking!

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Dogs bring so much joy into our lives and with support, education and resources we wanted to empower every puppy owner to become a responsible dog owner and then a dog lover for life.

Covid times, wearing masks, sitting on outdoor tables, brainstorming for hours and hours !! Our office headquarters became the benches outside Starbucks in downtown village.

We put hours into understanding Market Research, growth in the pet industry, industry trends and what was missing.

We already had a thriving dog community in our neighborhood and we had seen the benefits of it, we wanted to recreate it for everyone by providing a platform for global impact.

Dogs live a short but a very impactful life….that’s their charm too and we want to make the most by celebrating them each day !

PURVI Co-Founder & the CEO

Entrepreneur & Visionary of theDogHood

  • Purvi is a Product and tech services builder. She had a decade-long career at PayPal and Ebay working in data analytics and Engineering. 
  • She has extensive experience in jump-starting product development and data engineering. This background paved the way for her to launch her first successful app – “SmartCooks” in 2018 with the mission to use technology to improve people’s lives. 
  • Purvi got her dog, Oreo, a sheepadoodle, in August 2019. It was love at first sight. His energy and love changed her life forever.
  • Her experience with Oreo, coupled with her background, made her see the potential to have a platform to create a better life for dogs and dog owners.

Ruchi Co-Founder & CPO

Dog Passionate & Chief Puppy Officer of theDogHood
  • Ruchi is a textile designer with years of experience in trading & marketing in South East Asia. She moved about a decade back to the US with her family and decided to spend her time at home volunteering and taking care of her second fur child Nessie.
  • She is passionate about dogs. Taking dog pictures & understanding their different personalities is her hobby & calling.
  • She loves to board & take care of dogs. Known in her neighborhood somewhat as a “Dog Expert” she is often called upon for advice.
  • Understanding this need to connect between the dog owners, she built a thriving, active local dog community.
  • She loves to organize dog-focused events and get-togethers to create a better social life for dogs & their owners.

Our Inspiration

The local thriving Dog community

As much as you or I need socialization to relax and have fun, so do our dogs. Come 4pm, and our dogs start whining to go and hangout with their friends at the local park. The happiness we see on the dogs’ faces while they run off-leash with their buddies, welcoming new puppies chasing each other and making new bonds every evening – is priceless. Not only is this is fun for the dogs, it’s also very relaxing for the owners. They hang out on the side, laughing at their dogs antics, stress of the day slowly ebbing away, being in the moment & ending the day at a high note…and of course, relieved that finally the dogs will go back home, happy & tired and catch zzzz’s…

Benefits of these meet-ups are seen by everyone.

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