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Dog people are good people and we ALL want to give the best life possible for our pets. Most times we just don’t have the resources to get the best information. The DogHood instantly plugs you into a warm, local, caring community which better prepares you for this amazing journey with your dog. As a well informed dog owner, you build well informed communities which in turn improve the local pet services creating a better world for dogs. Purvi and Ruchi, co-founders of theDogHood, observed that many dog parents struggle to find appropriate tools to train their puppies. Together, they used their robust understanding of the pets’ wellness industry trends to create a platform to benefit the dog lovers’ community. The platform helps trainers, behavioral specialists, and dog owners unite to discuss various issues regarding dog care.

Taking it to revolutionary next level – theDogHood App

Connecting neighborhoods & building global communities for your dogoo & you

TheDogHood is all set to launch a smartphone app to make the community more accessible to a broader audience looking for support. The moment you download the TheDogHood mobile app, it will connect you to all the dog owners and dog lovers who have downloaded the app both in your neighborhood and also globally. You can ASK questions , create events and share cute pictures of your pup all with a click on the APP. theDogHood will make owning a dog even more enjoyable with the AMAZING support system from theDogHood community.

We are making an impact

TheDoghood was founded in April 2021 & since then through relentless work, we have impacted thousands of lives for the better.

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