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Pupper Behavior: Decoding the “Blep”

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When you own a pet, it becomes critical to understand your furry friend’s behavior to connect with them and form an unbeatable bond. Most behavioral patterns are indicators of several underlying issues. One such sign is the “blep.”

What is Blepping?

“Blepping” is a recently coined internet term, referring to a pet’s act of unconsciously leaving their tongue’s tip outside their mouth. While most people use the word “blep” for cats, many other pets do it too.

In fact, blepping is a frequent behavior pattern among most pets, including newborn puppies and growing doggos. Blepping recently became an exciting conversation topic among pet lovers worldwide as people began sharing images of their pets’ tongues hanging out of their mouths.

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Which Animals Do It?

A blep is often too cute to ignore in pets. While cats are primarily associated with blep, other pets such as dogs blep too. Sometimes, a blep is called a Mlem, while many people call it a boop or blop.

Why Do Dogs Blep?

A dog’s blep is a behavior open to interpretation. However, pet owners must pay attention to their dog’s tongue’s state to identify if it’s ordinarily blepping or requires medical attention.

A pupper may start blepping due to lack of comfort, especially when its tongue becomes too big to fit inside its mouth. Blepping offers comfortable room for a doggo’s tongue to sit. However, blepping can also signify the mouth’s inability to support or hold the tongue due to a damaged jaw, facial tissues, or crooked teeth.

If you suspect that your canine friend is blepping excessively, seek professional support to assess whether it could be a case of Hanging Tongue Syndrome. It’s critical to treat this syndrome before it results in a cracked tongue and a painful jaw. While it may not be life-threatening, it’s still worth a visit to the vet.

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