A bunch of puppies

Puppies 101: How To Care For A Puppy

A bunch of puppies

Are you going to be parenting an adorable puppy soon? Bringing a new pupper into your home is a life-changing decision; it requires plenty of hard work but will surely bring a whole lot of joy into your world. Whether you’re planning to adopt another puppy or it’s going to be your first, here is a comprehensive guide to making your life easy while you raise your puppy to be a happy and healthy adult doggo.

Choosing a Pupper

Sometimes your canine companions may just touch your heart and you’ll feel an instant cosmic connection. But at other times, you’ll have to make an effort to find the right kind of doggo for your family. You should examine your lifestyle to see what kind of breed and size will be suitable for you. Don’t forget to factor in other essentials, such as their exercise or grooming needs, potential health issues, temperament, and more.

You should also decide whether you’re looking to adopt a doggo from an animal shelter or might seek out a reliable breeder. It’s important to have patience while researching the entire process because the chances are that you’ll have a companion for life at the end of it!

Making Your House a Home for Them

Before bringing the adorable little furball into your house, you need to make sure that the place has been puppy-proofed. It’s a great idea to take a look at your belongings and furniture from pup-eye-level to ensure the place is safe.

Potential toxins, breakable items, and electrical cords need to be placed completely out of reach. Remember that your doggo is capable of jumping, chewing, climbing, and scratching, so everything needs to be kept away from determined and curious puppies. Installing durable pet gates is also recommended if you’re looking to keep the doggo away from particular rooms, trash cans, and the kitchen.

Puppies playing with their toys

Essential Supplies to Optimize Your Pups Well-Being

From collars and leashes to chew toys, comfortable dog beds, and water bowls, there’s a lot that you should consider before making a budget to calculate expenses associated with being a dog parent. Some of these essentials last a long time, but most will have to be replaced eventually as the pupper grows.

Kennels or dog crates can be purchased in a larger size to make them last longer, but don’t forget to block the extra space with boxes to suit the current size of your puppy.

Keeping Your Pup Healthy

Your pupper’s diet can make a huge difference in their future well-being. Research different dog care platforms and reach out to professional dog trainers as well as fellow dog lovers to learn about dog-friendly foods. Raw diets, homemade foods, and holistic diets are becoming increasingly popular since dog owners have started including proper nutrients in their pupper’s diet.

Do not forget to get them vaccinated, neutered, and spayed as soon as you find a suitable vet. It’s also a good idea to consider getting reliable pet health insurance to keep expenses down because it can help keep your doggos healthcare costs low.

Dog essentials

Dog Training 101: The Basics

The puppy training process can sometimes be challenging, but starting early and hanging onto loads of patience can help your pupper get used to a particular routine. Puppies, in general, are not capable of controlling their bowels and bladder until they’re 14 weeks old.

But as they grow older, they can learn what to do as their bodily functions start developing. Patiently take your pupper to a designated potty spot immediately after drinking or eating to kick start your efforts to potty train your pup.

Now is the time to start thinking about socializing your puppy. You should check out some basic dog training videos before you begin working on dog socialization training. From crate training a dog to leash training, teaching them basic commands, and more, a lot of patience and hard work is required to cub the behavioral problems of doggos.

Most puppies are active, curious, and teething. Reach out to a certified dog behavior specialist to learn about acceptable chew toys and other smart tips and DIY tricks to distract your doggo from mischievous behaviors. Since puppy training is quite challenging and exhausting for you and your pupper, reward them with praise and their favorite treats to reinforce positive behavior.

Dog parent bonding with puppy

Bonding with the puppy is crucial to ensure they grow into confident and happy doggos. Nurture a strong bond with your loyal canines through training, affection, playtime, grooming, and exercises that you both can enjoy together.

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