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Puppy Guide: Potty Training in an Apartment

Potty training their pup is one of the most important things for new dog owners. Dog parents only have limited time to get it right, or their pup would create a mess all around the house. A dog behavioral trainer can teach you some practical puppy potty training tips that work well for every breed and age. People living in an apartment have an especially hard time potty training their dogs. To make this task easier, here are some guidelines you should follow.

1. Follow a Schedule

Make a meal schedule for your pup so you know when it’s time for potty. Feeding them at regular intervals will align their bowel movement and make potty training easier. Younger pups may need to go potty every other hour, so keep a close check on their behavior.

2. Take the Shortest Route

Dogs struggle to hold potty in at a young age, so make sure you take them outside the building in time. Find the shortest route out of your building, and use an elevator instead of stairs. And avoid taking a route that involves distractions for your dog, so they don’t go off-path. You can carry them instead of making them walk to reduce the chances of accidents.

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3. No Punishments!

Positive reinforcement can have a much better impact on your puppy’s behavior than punishment. Treat them if they show progress, and be firm when they make the same mistakes. However, don’t be too harsh. Your dog doesn’t understand the concept of punishment and will only get upset and scared by your anger.

4. Get a Potty Patch

Installing a potty patch or potty pad on your apartment’s balcony is an easy way to avoid mishaps. But make sure you can expend the time and energy to clean this right away, or your neighbors might complain! And lastly, be there to supervise your pet during their potty breaks to ensure they don’t make a mess.

5. Have Some Patience!

Each dog behaves differently during potty training, so the pet owner needs to be very patient throughout the process. Joining a dog training and socialization platform like The Dog Hood can be a big help for first-time doggy parents. Our private dog trainers can teach you ways to stay calm throughout this teaching journey and train your dog without making them anxious.

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