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Reinventing Playtime: 4 Fun Activities to Do With Your Dog

Forget the predictable games of fetch and mundane walks around the block. When it comes to staying active with your pupper, several other activities can help spice up the daily routine.

When a doggo does the same activities day after day, it can become under-stimulated. Without a proper outlet, their energy may spring out in undesirable ways. Garbage can raids, pronounced barking, and other hyperactive or destructive behaviors indicate that your doggo needs creative stimulation.

Varying activities can help keep your pooch physically and mentally satisfied and settled at home. Ready to enjoy some new experiences with your pupper? Read on this list to find out some interesting ways to reinvent playtime with your dog.

#1 Herding

Your athletic pupper will love the competitive sport of Treibball! It can help divert the doggo’s focus on herding or gathering giant balls and teach them to communicate while promoting teamwork between you and your dog.

#2 Frisbee

If your doggo is trained to catch a disc, this might be the most enjoyable sport for your pupper. Your dog can learn to leap to great heights to retrieve the flying frisbee or perform flawless flips to bag appreciation and treats for multiple catches.

Three dogs playing frisbee


#3 Swimming

You can use theDogHood app to search for doggo-friendly swimming spots, such as lakes, riverfronts, and beaches, to enjoy numerous fun activities with your doggo. Senior canines or those with any physical limitations can especially benefit from easy yet fun water exercises. But don’t forget to carry a canine life jacket to help your doggo swim around with more confidence while ensuring a safe return to the shore.

#4 Digging

Most dogs love to dig, but this doesn’t mean your flower bed or yard needs to suffer. Resolve the problem by building a custom digging pit where your pooch can dig to its heart’s content! Mark off a particular area, fill a kiddy pool with sand or dirt or build a sandbox. Reward your pupper each time they dig in the designated area or hide treats for them to find in the area; we bet they’ll surely dig it!

Dogs socializing on a playdate


If your pooch is a social butterfly, plan some fun playdates where they can socialize with other dogs. The thrilling playtime can help with mental and physical stimulation and teach them how to cope with aggression, stress, anxiety, and fear. If you think these activities are not your poodle’s thing, set up exciting play dates for your pup by connecting with like-minded pawrents at theDogHood community.

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