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The Benefits of Pet Networking Apps for Pet Owners.

Global dog applications like theDogHood aim to make this world a better place for dogs and dog owners! Here’s why you need to be on a pet networking app asap:

Stay updated on dog events

Dog-centric events are a great way to get your dog to get familiar with different breeds, make new friends, and enjoy their playful time, and get a much-needed break from being stuck at home. Dogs are extremely playful, provided they’re able to form a positive association with someone.

Common dog events include animal-assisted activities, day trips with your dogs, freestyle music dance with the dogs, frisbee with dogs, or trick training. Other ideas for canine sports include trick dog, disc dog, flyball, barn hunting, agility, lure coursing, dock diving, and freestyle.

A global dog ownership app like theDogHood will keep you updated on all the dog events happening nearby. These will definitely help you make your dog make new friends.

A happy dog


Connect you to pet owners


It feels great to be a part of a community that has similar interests and aspirations as you do. It’s a lot of fun to meet other pet owners and have great interactions and meaningful discussions. This is why most pet owners usually follow pet YouTubers and their videos.

However, YouTube channels don’t come with the benefit of creating an interactive community. Interacting with other pet owners and subscribers in the comment section isn’t the same as interacting via an app.

An app is more than a comment thread. It also allows you to share your thoughts and post content regarding your pets. You can post whatever you want to and it’s open for other pet owners for contribution.


A global dog owner application is the perfect platform for you to give and receive all the support that you need. Being a new pet parent is definitely rewarding but comes with a set of challenges. Every day you’d see yourself confused and surrounded with hundreds of questions regarding pet care. Timely feedback and advice from other pet owners could be a godsend in cases like these. You’ll get to meet all sorts of pet owners with a diverse set of experiences on the app!

If you’re on the lookout for the perfect application to help you socialize with the global dog community, theDogHood is a perfect idea. The app aims to make pet ownership easier and more fun for puppy owners, dog owners, and dog lovers alike! Here is our story.

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