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The Dog Breed That’s Right for You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

No matter how rough your day may have been or whatever problem might be stressing you out, your furry friend at home can magically make all your worries disappear. Dogs are precious animals that offer unending love, support, and loyalty. They form a unique physical and emotional connection with their owners over a short time. Did you know that there are over 390 dog breeds worldwide? Yes, that’s right, each of which carries its personality and traits. Humans are classified into 12 zodiac signs based on their birth months. The signs display particular personalities. If you’re planning on adopting a dog soon, then the best way to choose the right breed for compatibility is by letter your horoscope decide. Here are some dog breeds that are right for different zodiac signs:

A German Shepherd

1. Aries – German shepherd

Aries is considered to be strong, determined and one with exceptional leadership qualities. This is why, a dog breed that reflects these specific characteristics and can follow the lead, will be ideal. Breeds such as German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers, and Weimaraners come under this category. They’re great for guarding and make loyal companions.

2.Taurus-Basset Hound

The next sign we have is Taurus. They’re known to be strong on the outside but sweet once you get to know them. They’re an earth sign that’s extremely giving and are moderately sociable. Many consider them laid back, and comfort-driven. This is why a nap-loving basset hound will be the perfect match. They’re a friendly, easygoing breed who are quite sociable with other dogs and other pets in general. Basset Hounds get along very well with children and are smart.

A Russell Terrier holding a ball

3. Gemini- Russell Terrier

Gemini’s are social butterflies and have outgoing and chatty personalities. They’re great with communication and are extremely people-oriented. Matching their unique personality traits, Russell terrier will be the perfect BFF for a Gemini. These dogs are known for being vocal and intelligent. They’re good family pets and are super loving and affectionate. If trained well they tend to develop close connections with all family members.

4. Cancer- Rottweiler

Cancer is known for its undying loyalty, just like Rottweilers. They go out of their way to protect their loved ones and their households. Although some tend to be confident with outsiders when they’re home, in their comfort zone, Rottweilers are super calm and alert. They are known to form deep attachments with their owners and family.

A Pug covered in a blanket

5. Leo-Pugs

Leos are cheerful, full of life, and hilarious! This is why the clowns of the toy group, i.e., pugs will be the perfect match. They have the cutest facial expressions and are super caring and warmhearted. Pugs tend to get along with other dogs and are quite affectionate towards children.

6. Pisces-Cocker Spaniel

Sweet, sensitive, and loyal, Pisces is one of the calmest signs of the group. This is why they might be drawn towards Cocker Spaniels. These adorable dogs love being close to and cuddling up with their owners. Like Pisces, this breed also requires a great deal of sensitivity and patience. They get scared of harsh or intimidating owners. Considering how warm, devoted and affectionate Pisces are, this breed will be a match made above!

A Chow Chow sitting in a garden

7. Virgo-Chow Chow

Virgos are reserved, super calm, and one’s that require alone time. This is why Chow Chow’s are the best partners that aren’t too energetic or clingy. These dogs may be intimidating initially, but they aren’t aggressive. Like Virgos, they take their time to open up and are extremely particular about their personal space. However, once mutual trust is established, these dogs are loving and fiercely loyal. They aren’t hyperactive or require constant attention, making them the perfect companion for a Virgo.

8. Libra-Havanese

Another social butterfly on the list, Libra’s canine equivalent is undoubtedly the Havanese. Libras are charming, peaceful, and enjoy entertainment. This sounds pretty similar to the affectionate and entertaining Havanese. These dogs areeasy-to-train and natural extroverts. They loves entertaining and have eager personalities. They’ll get along really well with a Libra.

A Great Pyreneessitting in a garden

9. Scorpio-Great Pyrenees

Scorpios are known for their tough exterior but soft hearts. It’s not easy for them to trust people, and they often tend to take time to gel with those around you. To new friends, they may seem timid at first, but once they completely open up there’s never-ending fun. Great Pyrenees are majestic dogs that share a similar dedication and love for those around them. They are super calm and get along well with a Scorpio’s deep loyalty and devotion

10. Sagittarius-Siberian Husky

Sagittarius is known for being adventurous, loud, jovial, and super fun! Their personalities click with Siberian huskies who are all about living life without any regrets. They make perfect play partners and show unending love and affection for their families.

Two Labrador enjoying each other’s company

11. Aquarius- Labrador

The Aquarius is known for being original, independent, and devoted. So a dog that stands would attract an Aquarius. Dog breeds that would suit this sign include Labradors. They are known to be one of the most sweet-natured breeds and are outgoing and eager to please.

12. Capricorn-Pekingese

Capricorns are ambitious, determined, and strong. They strive for greatness and enjoy the finer side of life. This is why regal breeds like Pekingese are the perfect match. They enjoy being treated like royalty and blend in well with Capricorn’s personality. Both love deeply and are extremely loyal.

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