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The Pet Glam Program: 3 Hip Outfits for Pets

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Owning a pet can change your life for the better. If you’re all about the glam life, you might want to match with your pet’s outfits.

Here are three outfit ideas for your pet to make them runway-ready!

Adorable Onesies

If you’re looking for a stylish and easy-wear outfit for your puppy or small dog, onesies are your best bet.

You can find pet onesies in all sizes and colors at local pet stores. Remember to choose a comfy fabric that isn’t made from toxic materials and is suitable for your pet to wear in the present weather conditions.

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Trendy T-Shirts

Looking for the perfect outfit to represent your pet’s personality? A basic pet T-shirt is a great clothing item for your furry friend. T-shirts create the perfect pet glam look, whether you’re taking your doggo out for a walk or introducing them to new friends and family members.

Choose a design with graphic illustrations or text. For example, if your pupper is fond of licking you, you may dress them in a T-shirt with “professional licker” written across it.

Hip Hoodies

Hoodies and jackets never go out of style, which means when you’re running out of styling options for your pet, a simple hoodie can do the job.

The best part about hoodies is that they look exceptionally adorable on a small canine companion. Remember that it’s better to get oversized hoodies for your pet than settling for an undersized one. Put your pet’s comfort first and avoid dressing them in warm and bulky outfits.

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