The Undeniable Power of Women In The Global Pet Industry

Woman showing affection to her dog

With over 11.9 million businesses owned by illustrious women in the US, there’s definitely a growing trend in the rise of shepreneurs. What’s even more impressive is that these female powerhouses are choosing to step into the animal-care industry.

The fact that more and more millennials are putting off having children of the human variety to favor the adoption of fur babies has caused the global pet industry to experience an incredible boom. Females across the globe are leading the pack to cater to the rising need for more pet products and services.

From honeybees to elephants, snakes, crocodiles, killer whales, and doggos, women entrepreneurs have taken charge to lead the way by inspiring the world to make animal-friendly choices. They’ve shown the world that living with compassion and kindness isn’t only good for animals or your health; it’s also incredibly profitable for business—not just in the animal-care industry, but also across several other industries.

Let’s look at some women who found success by making waves in the global pet industry.

#1 Charna Zucker And Jacqueline Harris

Heard about the “I Love Tyler Madison” clothing line? The sister duo named the vegan clothing startup after Madison and Tyler, the dogs they rescued. The devoted pets’ rights activists came up with the idea of making all body types look fabulous with wardrobe staples made from vegan and cruelty-free materials.

Women giving treats to dogs in a local dog park

#2 Liz Dee

Dee, the co-president of Smarties Candies Co., has stepped up her game by launching Vegan Ladyboss, an online community dedicated to empowering and supporting vegan women striving to change the world.

#3 Nina Curtis

As the president of WCR (Women Chefs and Restaurateurs), the vegan chef vows to bring her extensive vegan experience to the table. In her role as an incoming WCR, she wants to introduce people seeking to advance their culinary knowledge or gain a reputation in the beverage or food industry to the wonders of living a strictly vegan lifestyle.

#4 Purvi And Ruchi

Ruchi and Purvi, owners of theDogHood app

The dog lover duo has collaborated to introduce theDogHood, a global dog lovers community, and are on their way to launch a one-of-its-kind app to unite doggo parents, dog lovers, pet bloggers, dog gurus, and certified dog behavior trainers across the globe.

The woman-owned venture, with Purvi and Ruchi pulling strings behind it, is dedicated to people who are immensely passionate about dogs and are driven by a passion for making this world a better place for dogs.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pawrent, you can join theDogHood community or download theDogHood to reach out to local DogHood hubs, share content in the PAWFEED, ask questions, stay updated with events, access comprehensive puppy training guides, celebrate unique traits of different dog breeds, set local play dates for socializing dogs, and more.

It also offers the opportunity to get inspired by heartwarming stories of dogs by dog lovers on the Hoomans of the DogHood.

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