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Time To Boost Your Dog’s Immunity: 7 Things You Can Do Right Now

We all love doggos but hate it when they’re sick or in pain. Pawrents want them to have the energy to have fun during playtime so that they can enjoy their lives just like they enrich ours. However, doggos are constantly exposed to parasites, bacteria, and viruses that can compromise their health.

While life would be easier if we could just lock our pets in our homes to keep them safe, but you can’t avoid vet offices, daily walks, dog parks, and other equally important activities to keep them happy and healthy. The key is to keep their immune system in top shape so that they can quickly and effectively fight any disease when it strikes. Follow these tips to boost your pupper’s immune system. But first, why is a healthy immune system so important? Read on to find out!

Significance of A healthy Immune System

A robust immune system is like a protective moat around your furry canine’s castle. It’s the body’s first line of defense against undesirable bacteria, parasites, toxins, pathogens, and free radicals. Research by PetMD reveals that a dog’s immune system also acts as a watchdog for proper cell functioning. If the cells function irregularly or turn unhealthy for any reason, the immune system helps the body return to a healthy homeostasis.

If the immune system isn’t operating at optimum capacity, it means the body is defenseless against chronic diseases, illnesses, cancers, and environmental toxins. A weak immune system can have a snowball effect on sickness, as every toxin that might break through the pupper’s immune system gradually decreases their ability to ward off illnesses.

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Now that you’re aware of how important it is to keep your dog’s immune system strong, it’s much easier to stay ahead of the game. Here are a few things you can add to your doggo’s daily health regimen to boost their immunity.

#1- Feed Fido A Nutritious Meal That Suits The Dog’s Specific Needs

Although the nutrition needs might often change throughout their lifetime, it’s important to ensure your doggo consumes a diet full of essential nutrients to maintain their immunity. This is primarily because a pupper’s gastrointestinal tract is home to over 76% of its immune cells, which means that the immunity and diet are closely intertwined. Minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and proteins all play a significant role in counteracting free radicals and stopping them from damaging cells. Dried pinto, red and kidney beans, and dog-friendly fruits and vegetables are excellent ways to make your dog eat healthier.

While the internet is full of information, with some pet parents vouching for a strictly protein diet to others advocating a balanced diet, the bottom line is that every doggo is different. No one-size-fits-all meal plan would work in every case. Always seek advice from a vet suggested by an experienced dog guru to determine your dog’s unique nutritional needs. You can check out Wag Out Loud to access pawdcasts and resources pertaining to canine health, nutrition, and wellness.

#2- Keep Your Pupper Hydrated

In addition to a nutrition-packed diet, you should ensure that your doggo has access to clean, fresh water. Like humans, a canine’s body is also made of nearly 70% water. Hydration is essential to optimizing healthy body function. Specifically, drinking water:

  • Aids in breathing and processing oxygen
  • Helps regulate body temperature
  • Encourages proper food and nutrient digestion
  • Flushes out harmful pathogens and toxins from the body
  • Promotes healthy blood flow to the heart, brain, and muscles

#3- Avoid Chemical-Based Tick and Flea Preventatives

Chemical-based tick and Flea products, commonly known as ‘spot-on,’ contain pesticides that enter your doggo’s bloodstream and stay there for months. It can cause countless harmful side effects. According to reports by the EPA, they’ve caused over 38,000 adverse health effects and more than 700 pet deaths to date. Download theDogHood App to ask fellow pet parents, professional dog trainers, dog behavior specialists, and pet influencers for recommendations for local products and natural alternatives.

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#4- Get Moving

Take your pup to dog parks for playdates that you can set with like-minded pawrents in your neighborhood through theDogHood App. Let them play around with other doggos and get some exercise while having a great time. Released endorphins and stimulation during active playtime help regulate the lymphatic system, allowing their body to filter out toxins properly. Exercise is also excellent for relieving stress, which is an added benefit, as stress can also negatively impact the immune system. So, grab their leash and some healthy treats and explore the great outdoors together.

#5- Eliminate Harmful Chemicals from Your Home

Many chemicals used in lawn upkeeping and cleaning products have been shown to cause cancer. You can also ask dog lovers at theDogHood community to suggest cruelty-free, natural products available in your local neighborhood. They’re not only healthy for your doggo but also for the environment.

#6- Keep Bowls and Toys Clean

Doggos lick and sniff pretty much everything! Washing toys and bowls regularly reduces the daily load of germs that the immune system has to deal with. Make sure to use warm water while washing them but avoid dish soap as it could be toxic. A quick rinse will do the trick! Also, ensure that the bowl and toys are thoroughly dried after washing, as leftover moisture can be an excellent breeding ground for nasty bacteria.

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#7- Add Supplements To Increase Immunity

One of the most beneficial ways to support your pupper’s immunity is through supplementation. Even if you’re hyper-vigilant with their diet, your doggo might be missing out on essential nutrients. Fish oil supplements such as Omega 3s can tame inflammatory responses that compromise the immune system, whereas antioxidants can help eliminate free radicals, slow down the aging process and also reduce inflammation. Your dog’s gut is also crucial for their overall health. Adding pre and probiotics can also help ensure that their gut is full of healthy, immune-boosting bacteria.

With so many options available in the market, choosing which products are authentic and actually beneficial for your pup can be stressful. Head on to theDogHood platform to access a list of products recommended by our AKC-certified dog guru, Danielle.

Nuvet Canine supplements

You can get natural, high-quality, holistic supplements to improve your canine’s health at Nuvet Labs. They’re an FDA-registered company that offers an extensive range of powerful nutritional supplements to support your dog’s health while boosting their immunity. You can use the special-order code # 388931 to order them on discounted prices.

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