Different décor items to decorate a Christmas tree

Tips For A “Pawsitively” Safe Christmas Tree: Top Decorations To Avoid

The favorite season of the year is here – Christmas. It’s the most magical time of the year when every other house sparkle with joy. In a busy world, Christmas is when people get to sit together and eat with their family and friends.

Be it streets, shopping malls, or local shops– all of them are seen brimming with lights, love, and joy. It’s the time of the year when love flourishes, joy doubles, and bonds get stronger.

The best thing about Christmas is decorating the Christmas tree. Whether you’re five or fifty years old, everyone gets excited to buy décor items for the tree. With décor comes the responsibility to follow the safety precautions. Fire and other hazards are pretty common during the season, which is why you must know what to avoid.

Having children or pets at home means you need to take extra care of Christmas décor. Children and pets have the habit of touching everything or playing with it– in such cases; it’s important to put everything out of their reach. However, your duty doesn’t end here; there are a lot of tips you need to follow, ensuring the safety of your kids and furry friends.

Wondering what they are? Here are some of them to help you enjoy a safe Christmas.

Always Check Needles While Picking a Tree

Your children and pets can get hurt by the needles present in Christmas trees. When you pick a tree, make sure to check for the needles.

Shake the tree or check the branches to look for needles. If the needles are coming off easily, it’s a sign that the tree is drying out. Look for another tree as it won’t withstand the Christmas lightings.

Avoid Putting Garland, Greenery, & Tinsel on Tree

For all the dog lovers and people with children at home, don’t ever put garland, tinsel, or greenery on your Christmas tree. Children and pets are curious creatures who just want to touch everything and mind that these décor items can be poisonous for them.

If you ever decide to put these items on your Christmas tree, try to put them on top so they’re out of the reach of children and pets. However, if you want your pets and kids to be safe, avoiding dangerous decorations is the best bet for you!

Check for Damage in String Lights Wires

A family putting lights on a Christmas tree

Your child or pet won’t know if the wires work or not, so it’s your job to check them. Check closely for blackened, worn, or frayed wires.

If you find even single damage in the wires, throw them away. It’s the Christmas season, and your house must be filled with people and decorations. Buy new wires to decorate the house, also look for bulbs to add extra lighting.

Always Have a Fire Extinguisher Handy

Like said above, you have to look out for things that can cause a fire. Always keep a fire extinguisher handy at your home for any unwanted situation.

A moment wasted during a fire is a moment that wraps your entire house in flames, so always keep an operable fire extinguisher available at your home for safety.

Make Sure Outdoor Lights for UL Approved

Outdoor décor matters as much as the Christmas tree inside your house. In case you decide to put a few Christmas trees and décor outside of your house, it’s on you to take all safety measures as well.

Check all the strings and extension cords if they are UL-approved. Unless the outdoor décor is marked for outdoor use, don’t use it.

Since snow season is around the corner, putting the plugs on the ground is completely out of the picture. The rain or snow can get inside the plugs and cause a fire. Not to mention, putting plugs on the ground can also put your pets at the risk of electrocution.

Use Non-Combustible and Flame Retardant Material

A living room with Christmas decorations

When decorating your tree, make sure to use non-combustible and flame retardant material. Dogs and children are intrigued by Christmas lightings, and their presence around the tree is highly expected.

To avoid the risk of unwanted fire, try to take safety precautions beforehand. One single mistake by your child, pet, or you can cause serious damage to your house and the people in it.

Don’t Put all Light Strings on the Tree

Try not to put more than three string lights on the Christmas tree. They will stay out of the reach of children and pets while providing the appropriate amount of lighting. Also, putting too many lights on the tree can damage it too.

Remove All Décor When Christmas is Over

One of the biggest mistakes people make during this season is not removing the décor items when Christmas is over. Remove the tree before it dries out in your living room. A dry tree in your house is the most common fire danger, so it’s best to remove it as soon as Christmas is over.

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