Depressed dog

Tips to Ease Separation Anxiety As You Go Back To Work

Depressed dog

Undoubtedly, most dog parents have enjoyed their time at home with their doggos during the pandemic. But some of us are also worried about how our doggos will behave when we resume work from the office.

While it’s challenging to form a new routine amid the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, every dog owner should start preparing their puppers to minimize separation anxiety. If you’re wondering whether your doggo might have separation anxiety, here are the symptoms you need to look out for.

  • Howling, whining, and barking every time you leave
  • Digging, chewing, and generally causing destruction
  • Heavy breathing, increased heart rate, excessive drooling, and panting
  • Drastic changes in toilet habits
  • Scratching carpets, furniture, and door frames
  • Trying to jump out of the window sills, and more.

Depressed dog

If you notice any of these signs, your doggo is experiencing separation anxiety because it got too attached to you during the lockdown situation. Here’s what you should do:

#1- Develop a Routine

Many professional dog trainers suggest taking your doggos for a brisk morning walk to reduce their anxious behavior. It helps expel all the excess energy they might have built up from a peaceful night’s sleep. The trick is to exhaust them so that you can leave them to rest while you’re at work.

#2- Reduce the Attention

Most dog parents have spent loads of quality time with their furry friends during the pandemic. They won’t be able to get all this attention when you’re away. You should control how you spoil your pupper with affection and attention by ensuring they get periods of downtime where they learn to be independent.

#3- Relax Your Doggo With Soothing Sounds

Certified dog behaviorists reveal that soothing sounds can help your canine sleep peacefully. If not, it can at least divert their attention from the more spontaneous or unfamiliar sounds that make them anxious. Leave the TV or radio on, or play their favorite song while you train them for a leaving routine. Gradually, they’ll learn that as soon as the radio goes on, their downtime begins.

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