Top 8 reasons why people are reluctant to get a Pet & how theDogHood can change that

What if we told you that after you read this blog you will lose all reasons for not getting a dog 🙂

theDogHood was created by the dog owners for the dog owners – an online dog platform, a community created so beautifully that it addresses all the typical pet peeves of “to-be” and “Already” dog parents !

Here are the TOP Eight Reasons why people don’t want to get a Pet and how theDogHood is answer you are looking for –

  • Allergies from them, so don’t know what’s the right breed to get
  • They require a lot of maintenance – Lack of time
  • They’re expensive to care for – Don’t have anyone to cross-check the costs with
  • They have behavior issues
  • They will damage the house and property – I don’t know how to keep them busy
  • Where to keep them while traveling .
  • They have a limited lifespan.

Here’s how theDogHood is making it easy for to-be or already pet parents –

  1. theDogHood connects you to dog owners both in your neighborhood and beyond! This way you can find a dog-focused support system for your every need & question. Finding the right breed for your family, asking for the right vet & pet insurance , best trainers & groomers, what the right food & getting product recommendations is an easy click away in theDogHood. Look below to see how you can use this feature on theDogHood App.


  1. Most Pet Parents lack time to go out looking for friends for their pups, but socialization & exercise is the number one key to ensuring you’ll have a happy, confident, and well-adjusted dog. theDogHood automatically connects you to all the other dog owners in your city, making a ready made local dog community. Here are two simple ways on theDogHood App to find these friends on the app.


  1. theDogHood’s goal is to turn these online connections to offline relationships. Once you have found friends in your neighborhood, here are a couple of different ways you can create actual meet-ups ! Meeting for playdates not only creates a stronger bond within the community for you & your pup but it also helps in creating a support system especially when you need help with someone to take care of your dogs while traveling. We encourage pet parents on theDogHood App to organize playdates, make friendships with compatible pups and loof after each other’s pups when you needit – Dog Swap.


Our mission at TheDogHood is to hold your hands in this amazing journey from Puppy owners, to Dog owners to Dog loversJoin theDogHood today to partake in this wonderful world of doggy connections & make more kinder, stronger communities where you live. CLICK HERE to join.

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