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Top “Furrific” Ways to Celebrate Your Dog

Doggos and hoomans share a special bond; these canine companions provide us with unconditional love and a sense of emotional wellbeing. The truth is; we don’t deserve dogs, yet they protect us, accept us and adore us with complete loyalty. These furry friends deserve to be cared for and celebrated all year round, not only on the National Spoil Your Dog Day. However, knowing how to spoil your doggo can be tricky because every pupper has a unique personality. Here are some furrific ways to make your fur-baby feel a little extra special than usual.

#1 New Dog Bed

Some doggos have a more laid-back personality. If you’re trying to figure out ways to spoil them, a new dog bed might be the perfect way to their heart. Dog beds are available in a vast range of varieties today, from cooling beds to memory foam and more, to suit the canine’s preference. You can even get orthopedic beds and burrow beds for pooches who suffer from bad backs or like to stay under covers.

#2 Home-Cooked Meal

Why not whip out your pots and pans every once in a while to make your pup the long-awaited home-cooked mean? You can find thousands of delicious recipes online, from smoothies to baked goods. We recommend choosing a recipe that incorporates your pupper’s favorite foods, such as peanut butter treats for fur-babies that go nuts for peanut butter. You can also invest in a stimulating food puzzle to turn treat time into fun playtime.

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#3 Beach Trip

There’s no better way to enjoy summers with your doggo than taking them out for a trip to the beach. If your pup loves to splurge in water, they’ll love spending the day frolicking in the water with you. If your poodle doesn’t know swimming yet or lockdown, restrictions are not allowing you to access a body of water, grab a kiddie pool and splash away!

#4 Spaw Day

Want to make your pup feel special? Pamper them with a local dog spa day appointment. Don’t want to risk taking your dog out during the pandemic? There are countless ways to DIY a relaxing spaw day at home. Give your pup a calming massage or a bubble bath to soothe those tired paws. You can also order a quality paw balm from a local pet store to help them find relief from cracks on the paw pads. This relaxing bonding activity is a surefire way to make your pooch feel like the star of the show.

#5 Shopping

Who doesn’t love shopping? We know your pup does! Shopping dates are one of the most pawfect ways to spoil play-oriented doggos. Take them to a pet supply store and let them pick their own treats, toys, beds, leashes, and more. We bet your doggo will have a blast browsing the shelves to choose their favorite chews and plushies. After the shopping spree, you can treat your pupper to a nice meal at a doggo-friendly restaurant, especially one that has a special many dedicated to their canine customers.

#6 Compliments

Don’t you feel awesome when someone tells you how you nailed the presentation or how good you look? Certified dog behavioral specialists believe that doggos also thrive on compliments and positivity. Every time your pup’s doing something that makes you smile, shower them with compliments. It can motivate them to do it again.

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#7 Yoga

Downward Dog indeed! Most canines can sense that their hoomans are stressed. Weekly yoga, or doga, isn’t only great for your body and mind. It also gives your pup new obstacles courses to play with.

#8 Treasure Hunts

Before leaving your pet at home for several hours, make a fun treasure hunt for them to keep them busy while you’re away. Hide their favorite toys or treats around the house to see how many they can find before you get home. Keep trying until the doggo understands the game. It’ll help keep separation anxiety at bay while encouraging them to stay active as they explore the space whenever you’re away.

#9 Healthy Treats

A healthy pup is a happy pup! Make sure that you feed your doggo quality diet according to their age, size, and breed. However, you should know that dogs also have unique taste palettes of their own, so before buying those top-rated dog-friendly treats that are considered healthy, ensure that your doggo finds them delicious. Also, don’t overfeed your dog. The canine babies sure love to gobble everything they can, so it’s up to the pawrents to stop them. Studies have shown that overeating can have several detrimental effects on the general health and fitness of dogs.

#10 Book Fun Playdates To Socialize Them

Most dogs love basking in the company of fellow canines but cannot socialize due to the pandemic. What if we tell you that there’s an incredibly easy way to meet like-minded pawrents with adorable fur-babies in your neighborhood? Whether you’re looking for canine guests for your pup’s birthday or want to socialize your puppy during the pandemic, download theDogHood app on your smartphone to get connected with dog lovers and dog owners in your neighborhood.

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