Women Entrepreneurs Whose Startups Are Solely Cater to Your Pets’ Needs

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We are living in a highly tech-driven world! The internet holds answers to almost every question that crosses your mind. This is why dog apps are a great idea to stay informed regarding basic pet care.

Here’s a list of both tech and non-tech pet startups run by women that aim to help you become better pet parents:

PetKonnect by Devanshi Shah

Devanshi Shah used to be a happy proud pet mom until the dreaded news knocked on her doorstep. One unfortunate day, Devanshi lost her pet dog, Hazel, at the hands of a critical health issue.

Even though it was difficult to deal with the grave loss, she eventually mustered the courage after the realization followed. The realization also pushed her into thinking about all the loopholes and gaps in the pet care sector.

She eventually came up with the idea of developing PetKonnect. PetKonnect is a Mumbai-based online pet community that primarily targets animal caregivers in India. The app is more like a social network that helps pet caregivers get all the information regarding nearby emergency services, vets, trainers, and groomers.

A happy dog


Pet Wants

Pet Wants is the brainchild of Michele Hobbs and Amanda Broughton. The duo noticed that their pets were dealing with stubborn skin and coat issues despite consulting various professional vets.

When the two of them took the matter into their own hands and started doing their research, they found out that much of the pet discomfort was coming from the mass-produced pet food. Upon discovering that the pet food only delivered low nutritional value, they decided to start their own pet food company called Pet Wants.

The company is known for delivering nutritious pet food in small batches straight to the pet parents’ doorsteps. The company is currently one of the biggest pet franchises in the United States.


theDogHood is a global pet owner community. It’s an online pet platform that connects women entrepreneurs, pet parents, pet lovers, and pet bloggers from all around the world.

Anyone who loves dogs can sign up on the page, interact with other dog owners, share their experience, and give and receive support. theDogHood is a woman-owned venture with Purvi and Ruchi pulling the strings behind it. Both Ruchi and Purvi are immensely passionate about dogs and are driven by a passion to make this world a better place for dogs.

Purvi is a tech expert with extensive experience in the field of app development. On the other hand, Ruchi is known to be the dog expert in her neighborhood. Together they bring forward theDogHood global app!

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