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Your Dog Refuses to Go Potty in the Rain? Here’s What to Do

All dogs are unique when it comes to their habits and behaviors. Some love to play in puddles for hours, while others avoid getting wet at all. If your dog is afraid to go out in the rain, you can have difficulty potty training them. But professional dog trainers can provide you with some useful tips that can make potty training easy in any weather. Here are some of these guidelines that dog owners should try out!

1. Train Them Early

If you expose your puppy to rain and snow at an early age, they won’t have any trouble pooping outside in any weather. Start with regular baths, so they aren’t afraid to get their coat wet. To train them for rainy seasons, you can use your garden hose and create a small outdoor shower. Don’t force it on them all at once, and look for signs of progress every week.

2. Expose Them to Puddles

Playing and jumping around in puddles won’t affect your dog’s health unless they drink from it. Allow them to enjoy themselves in puddles to help them overcome their fear of rain. But supervise their plays, so they don’t drink stagnant water.

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3. Get Creative with Wet Grass

You can get your dog to walk and play on wet grass by offering them treats. Once you start feeding them on a wet surface, they will form a positive relationship with wetness and rain.

4. Try Rain Gear

In times of emergency, dog owners can put rain gear on their dogs to take them to the potty. But don’t use doggy raincoats and boots regularly, or your dog may get used to these items permanently.

5. Find a Sheltered Spot

You have to take gradual steps if your dog is completely repulsed or terrified by rain. Take them to a covered outdoor area for potty and let them observe the rain without getting wet. Eventually, they will get over their fear of rain and move freely in wet weather.

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