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Stories have an ability to change our heart & mind. They help us see each other in a new light …to have empathy, to recognize that for all of our diversity, we are very similar. Dog people are a special breed of humans, generous in spirit, prone to sentimentality, with hearts as wide as the sky, loyal & full of love. theDoghood wants to showcase stories of these ordinary people who are extraordinary because of their unique love story with their fur babies.

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About theDogHood

We already had a thriving dog community in our neighborhood and we had seen the benefits of it. We wanted to recreate it for everyone by providing a platform for global impact.

What To Expect When
Expecting a PUPPY

We have onboard our very own theDogHood Dog Guru. Think of our Dog Guru as your own private guide to all things dogs, from choosing the right dog to caring for them forever. Here are all the topics we will cover in this series so that you can help your puppy be the happiest, safest, most well adjusted goodest boy or girl they can be.

• Puppy selection & care
• Tips & tricks of of puppy training eg. Potty training, Crate training etc
• Best grooming practices
• Food & Nutrition from puppyhood to theDogHood
• Health & Fitness from puppyhood to theDogHood
• Comparison & reviews on various pet products & resources eg. Best harness in the
markets, Pet insurance options & cost of pet insurance etc
• Information & best care for different dog breeds

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We are creating a network of like-minded individuals with the common goal of creating a better world for dogs & their owners. If the DogHood vision speaks to you and you are a dog owner, social media influencer, blogger or a local pet business and want to make a positive impact

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