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Love it
As an owner of a 2 year old dog and with the reality of COVID surrounding the dogs first 2 years, I always found it hard to find other dogs and families for my dog to interact with and play with. theDoghood app has been a blessing, as I am not only met with adorable dogs every-time I open the app, but I can see events where my dog can play and interact with other dogs. Additionally, whenever I have any questions and concerns the forum is an informative and helpful place for me to look out for my dog. From old school dog lovers to those thinking about getting their first dog, this is absolutely a must have!! babies.

NextDoor for DOGS

I absolutely love this app. I check it daily. You can post pictures (and browse others cuties) and read articles related to dog care. Everyone is great with answering Halp! (Help) questions. You can schedule play dates with other puppers in your neighborhood. Very supportive community of dog owners.

About theDogHood

We already had a thriving dog community in our neighborhood and we had seen the benefits of it. We wanted to recreate it for everyone by providing a platform for global impact.

theDogHood is available nationwide

You can ASK questions, create events, and share cute pictures of your pup, all with a click on the APP. theDogHood will make owning a dog even more enjoyable with the AMAZING support system from theDoghood dog owners community.

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download theDogHood FREE App connecting you to your local community. With this app you will be able to form your own theDogHood hubs in your neighborhood. where you can celebrate the unique personalities of your fur baby, get advice, create events to build connections & have relationships built on mutual respect & love of dogs that can last forever

Partner With US

We are creating a network of like-minded individuals with the common goal of creating a better world for dogs & their owners. If the DogHood vision speaks to you and you are a dog owner, social media influencer, blogger or a local pet business and want to make a positive impact

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