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We are building a community of dedicated dog owners & we are growing FAST! We have users in 130+ cities;8 thriving dog communities; more than 150 playdates, walks & bday parties created; Dog Owners asking & connecting every single day all over US!
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Dog lovers can ASK questions, create fun events, and share their pup’s cute pictures with other dog lovers – all with a click on the APP. We strive to make dog ownership easier and even more enjoyable through an amazing support system in the form of a closely – knit theDogHood community.  


Get connected with your local and global dog community

– Share your dog story with cute pictures and videos

– Find a dog focused support system in your neighborhood and beyond

– Get local recommendations on services and products

– Create and participate in dog centric events for socializing your dog

– Organize play dates and meet ups in your area

– Great asset while traveling with your dog – Find your local theDogHood community by changing the zip code on your profile and ask them questions to plan an itinerary, things to do there and find resources & services

– One unique QR code – to share the app & build your local network

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Read and share the extraordinary stories of ordinary people with their dogs

Stories have an ability to change our heart and mind. They help us see each other in a new light… to have empathy, to recognize that for all of our diversity, we are very similar. Dog people are a special breed of humans, generous in spirit, prone to sentimentality, with hearts as wide as the sky, loyal and full of love. theDogHood wants to showcase the stories of these ordinary people who are extraordinary because of their unique love story with their fur babies.


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